Low Calorie Holiday Recipes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Recipes Lower in Calories for Your Holiday Celebrations

Today I would like to share some delicious low calorie recipes that make great stars for holiday parties. Be sure to offer a large tray of raw veggies that are complimented with a low calorie dip. Always a bit hit and always healthy!

Let's review a few tips that can assist when planning your party:

- Keep in mind that not all party guests are carnivores. Be sure to include several vegetarian friendly foods on the banquet table.

- Some guests may be on a restricted diet; this is different than a weight loss plan. For example, if Sue is diabetic, then have some sugar free desserts that she can still enjoy.

- Plan your food table around those that are popular amid the season. While mini-cheesecakes can be skinny when prepared with fat free ingredients and taste lovely - they aren't exactly seasonal. Think pumpkins, nuts, cranberries, turkey, egg nog, punch, stuffing and speaking of which - let's go to our first recipe.

- Try to prepare recipes that all require the same baking temperature. This makes it easy to heat several different appetizers or foods at once in the big oven.

Stuffed Mushrooms With Stuffing, a low calorie party recipe

This is an ultra easy recipe - as it should be because if you're having to prepare several different ones, you need them remain as simple as possible. While you may think you are Superwoman or man - after a few hours of toiling in the dungeon....er, I mean, the kitchen - you're going to appreciate a good back rub, an easy chair - and yes, simple recipes.

You will need the following recipe ingredients:

1 box of Instant Stuffing Mix, any variety
Reduced fat margarine
1 Quart of button-style mushrooms, cleaned with the stems removed
1/3 cup of chopped English walnuts
1/3 cup of dried cranberries

How to Prepare Our Stuffed Mushrooms With Stuffing Recipe

Prepare the stuffing as directed on the box using the reduced fat margarine rather than full-blown.

Add the walnuts and cranberries, then stuff into the cleaned mushrooms. Melt some of the margarine and using a kitchen brush, paint the outsides of the stuffed mushrooms.

About five minutes before serving time, pop into a 350 degree preheated oven and cook for about five minutes.

Cranberry Turkey Mini Party Sandwiches, a diet party recipe

Diet Stuffed Mushrooms IngredientYou will need the following ingredients:

lean sliced turkey from the deli, or roasted in your oven
whole cranberry sauce - and yes, you can use the sugar free variety if you wish
tiny party breads
lemon pepper

How to Prepare Our Cranberry Turkey Party Sandwiches

Sprinkle the lean cooked turkey slices with the lemon pepper to season.

Add a thin slice to the party bread along with a spoon of cranberry sauce. Top with another piece of tiny bread. This recipe is so simple yet so delicious.

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