Quick & Easy Low Calorie Cream Pie Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

This low calorie cream pie recipe is ultra easy to make. If you have two minutes and a prepared pie crust, you have a pie! And the yogurt adds a little wedge of good health.

Diet Cream Pie Recipe

You will need the following ingredients:

3 single serving containers of thick and creamy vanilla yogurt - (300 calories total)

1 small container (8 ounces)  of light whipped topping (15 calories per serving - total calories = 375 calories)

1 ready made graham cracker pie shell - or you may use a baked flour-based pastry shell

Be certain if you use the baked pie shell that it has completely cooled before filling. In addition, thaw the whipped topping completely before making this low calorie pie recipe. (Allow 800 calories.)

Start by GENTLY combining the yogurt and topping. Carefully transfer to pie shell and allow to sit in the refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. That's it!

This entire recipe serves 6 very generously for a total of 246 calories per serving OR eight generous servings for a total of 184 calories per serving.

Tasty & Healthful Serving Suggestions

Adding a teaspoon of vanilla extra to the filling adds extra flavor. If you prefer the imitation vanilla - and most people actually do, then opt for that mode of flavoring.

And if you don't like vanilla yogurt, experiment with flavors that you do like, such as lemon or blueberry.

The pie can also be topped with any of the following which will add another level of health:

- Sliced or whole fresh strawberries: bonus for these super berries is that they are exceptionally low in caloric content at 45 calories per one cup serving.

- Sliced kiwi: A yummy option for getting in a significant dose of immunity-boosting Vitamin C. One fruit - of the common green variety contains 67 mgs. Go kiwi!

- Blueberries: Go for the wild blueberries when shopping at the market. One cup supplies 71 kcals of energy.

- Blackberries: When you think of blackberries and blueberries - think of 'black and blue' because that's what they can do to those unwanted unhealthy pounds. They pack a punch of nutritional values which can keep those pounds on the run.

One cup of raw blackberries supplies 62 kcals of energy.

- Grated fresh or toasted coconut: All versions of this big nut get a bad wrap from the World of Dieting but when enjoyed in moderation, they can fit into any healthy eating plan.

- Dried cranberries: These tiny red berries are great in many foods including salads - and they can even boost the nutritional values of baked goods. It's a good thing for your moral while losing weight to enjoy foods that you can feel great about eating.

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