Chocolate Milk for Dieters
How to Keep Calorie Content Low

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Tips for Chocolate Milk

If you're a chocolate milk lover and on a restricted calorie diet you may have marked this favorite goody off your daily food list. Sure, it can be high in caloric content as well as fat content. But as with most favorite foods, there is a way to chip away a good deal of the calorie content without impacting the flavor.

First, let's look at the calorie content comparison of different versions of chocolate milk. This will be our starting point....

Calories in Chocolate Milk, a Comparison of Low Fat Milk vs Whole

One cup of chocolate milk prepared with whole milk with added vitamin a and vitamin d contains about 210 calories.

One cup of chocolate milk prepared with reduced fat milk with added vitamin a and vitamin d contains about 190 calories.

One cup of chocolate milk prepared with chocolate syrup and whole milk contains about 260 calories.

Glass of milk.While 200 or so calories doesn't seem that significant when we're referencing chocolate milk - because serving size is based on one cup the dieter isn't getting a lot of bulk for the caloric content.

How Large is Your Drinking Cup or Glass?

How much is a cup of chocolate milk? Go grab your favorite cup or glass that you like to drink milk in; measure out one cup of water and pour it into the glass. If your favorite glass is like most, it contains 2 - 3 cups which suddenly turns 200 calories into 600 hundreds calories per glass.

So the first step in reducing chocolate milk calories is to find a glass or cup which contains about one cup. Then you'll never have to worry about exceeding that one-cup serving size.

Skim Milk Skims Fat From Your Diet Plan

Next, let's use skim milk as our base. Skim milk is an acquired taste but once we add the chocolate, it will mask the bland flavor of the milk.

Add 1 Tablespoon of chocolate syrup for 50 calories. Our skim milk contains a skinny 90 calories. So the calorie content in our chocolate milk is at 140 calories. As a note, if you use the 'Lite' versions of chocolate syrups you can enjoy 2 Tablespoons for about 54 calories per serving.

Rather than stirring the milk, try putting it into a blender. This will bring your drink to new heights by volumnizing the milk.

Insert straw. Enjoy! The health perk? Calcium for strong bones.


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