Quick Cupcake Cake, a Reduced Calorie Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our original cake recipe with reduced calories.

Quick Cupcake Cake is a reduced calorie recipe (unlike a low calorie recipe) that you'll only find here. Like all of our recipes, it's a Diet Bites original.

This is a chocolate sensation, so if you're a vanilla lover you may prefer our vanilla version make with Hostess Twinkies. That reduced calorie recipe is at the bottom of this article.

Our yummy Quick Cupcake Cake goes together in a flash, and makes a stunning presentation with little fuss. And it's a perfect springtime cake. If you have 5 minutes - you have time to create a sensational and delicious reduced calorie cake.

This reduced calorie cake recipe will make 16 generous servings with each serving containing about 138 each OR 8 very generous servings for 270 each.

We used  Hostess Suzy Q cupcakes  - one box of them (cupcakes). Each little cupcake contains 220 calories. Of course, any chocolate cupcake without icing will work well.

Ingredients for Quick Cupcake Cake

8 Suzy Q Cupcakes (1,760 calories)

1/2 of a small container of light whipped topping (15-20 calories per serving and about 200 calories)

2 cups of frozen or fresh strawberries, sliced   (about 200 calories)

Splenda (optional)

How to Prepare This Cupcake Recipe

Begin by arranging Suzy Q's in a square 8 X 8 pan.

I like to mix my strawberries with a bit of Splenda if the strawberries are a bit tart, but if not - then it's totally unnecessary. Time to add the strawberries on top of the Suzy Q's. Be sure to spread them out evenly so that each bite will contain a bite of strawberries.

Finish by adding the whipped topping and smoothing it out. Add a few fresh strawberries on top for decoration if desired.

Other cool toppings include: chocolate sprinkles, sugar sprinkles, a garnish of mint which compliments the chocolate or a bit of crumbled chocolate cupcake.

For vanilla lovers, try using Hostess Twinkies. Simply layer 10 Twinkies in your pan, followed by the strawberries, then the topping. Makes 8 generous servings for about 237 calories each.

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