Low Calorie Omelet Recipe

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Only 5 Ingredients in our low calorie Omelet Recipe

Eggs are not only an excellent source of protein, they can also  fill that empty spot in your tummy for hours and hours to come.

As a note, if you are bothered with an infrequent bout of water retention such as related to excessive sodium intake, proteins work well in assisting the body by releasing the pent-up water. Try boiled eggs or  slices of unsalted lean meats on these occasions.

Back to eggs! Here is our delicious low calorie omelet recipe which contains only 5 ingredients. The omelet takes mere minutes to prepare.

The 5 Ingredients in Low Calorie Omelet Recipe

eggs (whisk until fluffy - and you'll need two eggs)
sliced black olives - about 2 sliced whole olives
sliced mushrooms - about 2 whole mushrooms, sliced
raw spinach - about 1/4 cup
cheese - 1 slice (we use skim mozzarella cheese for 60 calories)

How to Prepare Our Omelet Recipe

Whenever we prepare this low calorie omelet recipe we have two non-stick pans on the stove one is very tiny and one is almost wok-like.

The tiny pan is used for sauteing the mushrooms, olives and spinach in cooking spray.

These require very little cooking   time so that the mix remains in tact and still has consistency. Just a minute or two will do once the heat hits the pan.

The other pan is used for cooking the eggs. It gets sprayed with cooking spray OR you can choose to use a big of olive oil, and the eggs are added.

Feel free to add a shot of cream or milk to your eggs before adding them to the pan, and that applies to salt and pepper as well.

Keep in mind that the olives contain a good blast of salt, as well as the cheese  and that may be sufficient in satisfying those salty taste buds.

Once the egg has cooked on one side, carefully flip. Add the mushrooms, spinach and black olives then top with the cheese - taking care to add the ingredients to one side of the omelet. We break the cheese in half, then position over the vegetables. Carefully fold the empty side of the omelet over and you're done.

Entire recipe contains about 225 calories.

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