Lose Pounds: Year End Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Hard to believe that in less than 24 hours, this year will be history, isn't it?

Time marches on - and sometimes it marches quite swiftly. And it never seems to march swiftly when one is trying to lose weight.

Over the last few weeks or months, many individuals have enjoyed the holidays and perhaps celebrated a bit too much.

Several weeks ago, I presented a challenge and today is the golden moment of truth. To refresh our memories the challenge was to weigh either the same OR less than your weight at the time the challenge was set forth.

Did You Gain Weight, Lose Weight Or Remain the Same Weight After the Holidays?

So on that note, how did you do?

If you weigh the same - I'm standing right beside you, giving you a warm pat on the back. Congratulations - and very well deserved. Even if you have pounds to lose in the coming year - your job is going to be so much easier.

And if you weigh less than you did at the time my challenge was set forth - woo hoo! Set the balloons free and gaze into the bright blue sky because we indeed have reason to celebrate! And if you need to drop a few more pounds - please keep up the great work.

Until recently, New Year's Day was a family tradition. Over the years I had suggested time and time again that the family meet on New Year's Eve and leave New Year's Day for everyone to spend with their immediate family.

That only happened once, and I daresay it's a memory that I'd like to forget. What a downer - no one there but me and my kids.

This is a great example of how important traditions are - and how difficult it is to break traditions.

Every year on Christmas Day our family tradition mandated turkey and dressing.

Wow - what a huge undertaking several hours in the kitchen and it took everyone about ten minutes to eat. When New Year's Day arrived, it was a repeat. Even so, that is how it was - like it or not. :-)

Using this example, our daily eating/drinking habits is a small mirror of traditions.

And we-humans tend to do best when we have a schedule in place. Generally, we don't embrace changes - particularly uncomfortable changes.

Therefore, when we walk away from our traditionally unhealthy daily diet to a new healthy daily diet, our subconscious may find it ultra easy to present us with a struggle.

With this said - if you are trying to embrace a healthier daily diet for the new year - hold onto it tightly! And I hope that you'll visit Diet Bites often for weight loss support and motivation as well as healthy recipes and nutritional information.

It's my last opportunity to say I want to wish you the best new year ever!

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