Body Detoxification

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

On almost every electronic street corner there appears to be a gyrating billboard inscribed with the words BODY DETOXIFICATION.  

Just how effective are these body detoxification methods? Some individuals swear by them. And yes - it's true that every little bit helps when it comes to doing all that we can to achieve better health.

With this said, we would like to point out things that most of us encounter in our everyday life - things that can make the issue of body detoxification appear quite small, and perhaps an uncontrollable foe.

Have you recently smelled a whiff of tobacco?

What about second hand smoke, and no - second hand smoke doesn't refer to a whiff of tobacco, rather the expelled air from a smoker after THEY have taken a big whiff.

Have you traveled today, using any means?

The air around us, whether we live in the city or country, can be filled with toxins. Country folks often deal with neighbors who burn their trash, with farmers spraying crops, with flying crop dusters, and with neighbors and farmers who burn manure. Even well water can be contaminated due to toxic runoff.

People in the city deal with other issues, such as inhaling the myriad of particulates spawned by man and machines. Think about this..... From time-to-time you replace your tires. Where does all that rubber go? Right into the air and right into the lungs. As a note, brake shoes used to be crafted from asbestos.

For years we had asbestos particles flying through the air and right into our lungs. Now we have metallic particles flying throughthe air.

Have you consumed water today?

Whether your water is bottled or not, it contains particulates brought about by the poisoning of the earth. How many times have you emptied medicines into the drain? In turn, many areas recycle their water supply and unfortunately, there cannot be a 100% rate of total purification.

Have you used make-up, deodorant, shampoo, household cleaners and so forth today?

All of the above factors do not go through the mouth, rather are absorbed by the lungs and skin - the largest organ of the body. All of these factors may be far worse for the body than the foods we are consuming in regards to toxicity.

Does Body Detox Work?

Although we have never been a fan of the body detox methods and products, as we mentioned above - some individuals are totally sold. So we'll make a few suggestions.

1. The body is a very delicate instrument. When jacked-with, we may actually achieve the opposite effect. Simply put, while we are attempting to put our bodies in balance, we may actually be putting them out of balance.

2. With the human eye we are only able to view the external elements of the body. We can't see the internal elements - what minerals are in balance or what factors might be out of balance.

Virtually, we are working in the dark. We can measure in part by the way we look and by the way we feel. Even so, whenever the body is 'treated' it must be done with precision so that those areas which are in balance remain in balance and do not become depleted. Depletion in turn can cause severe health issues, including death.

3. Before attempting body detox we highly recommend that you meet with your doctor for direction.

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