Resistant Starch Food Sources

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What is Resistant Starch (RS)?

Simply put, resistant starch equals starch which goes undigested by the body. Resistant starch may prove beneficial in glycemic management, in maintaining blood sugar levels, in managing digestive issues including regularity - and resistant starch may even help in weight management.

Best and Richest Resistant Starch Food Sources

The best resistant starch food sources include the following: beans, firm bananas, and roasted chickpeas. Take note that the method in which foods are prepared impacts the amount of resistant starch in a particular food source.

In addition, food sources are also impacted due to processing methods. For example, whole rice contains more resistant starch than ground rice whereas roasted chickpea resistant starch was not impacted whether whole or ground. Chewing also effects resistant starch by decreasing the amount of resistant starch.

Here are a few examples of resistant starch food sources and the amount of resistant starch grams contained in these foods.

Resistant Starch Food Source


Resistant Starch Grams

Bananas, firm





Pearl Barley

Bread, whole grain

Navy Beans



Brown Rice

1 raw medium

1/2 cup

Chilled, 2" in diameter

1/2 cup

1 cup prepared, cold

1/2 cup cooked

2 slices

1/2 cup cooked

1 cup cooked

1/2 cup cooked

1/2 cup cooked












Starch, Weight Management & the Digestive Factor

The types of starch we eat is digested at different rates by the body. For example, the starch in potatoes is digested at a rapid rate. The starch in beans is digested at a slower rate.

In the case of resistant starch, the starch travels through the digestive track without being digested and may actually be classified as fiber.

In addition, the body is unable to break down certain resistant starch foods such as  firm raw bananas and raw potatoes, so those also make excellent food sources for resistant starch.

Other great sources for resistant starch include foods such as from our list above which have been allowed to cool before consumption.

Other foods rich in resistant starch include foods containing a shell or hull of sorts - such as beans  or whole grain rice.

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