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Natural Remedies for Sinus Issues

If you've experienced issues with your sinuses you know the painful stuffiness and pressure accompanied with the malady. So what causes the pain and pressure?

If you touch the area above your eyebrows, at the bridge of your nose and under your eyes - if you're experiencing sinus issues these areas may feel sensitive and sore to touch.

This is an indication that the sinuses are not draining properly; slowly the collection of mucus continues to build which causes the pressure and pain - and that uncomfortable feeling of stuffiness. You may feel that if your mouth were taped shut that you'd smothered to death.

Common symptoms associated with sinus issues include:

- earaches as mucus isn't properly draining, thus the pressure builds
- eyes may feel gritty, sore, scratchy and uncomfortable
- runny nose, stuffy nose
- pressure in the face including slightly puffy face due to swelling
- coughing which worsens upon lying down
- teeth may hurt due to pressure causing pain

Normally, the mucus that forms in the sinus cavities drain into the stomach where acid destroys the mucus.

When the mucus doesn't drain the sinuses can become infected thus worsening the symptoms. So what causes the mucus not to drain properly?

Generally issues with the sinus tissues is caused by a bacterial infection. Other situations that may trigger or enhance the issue include:

- Pollution, smoke, and weather conditions.

- A current condition such as asthma; people who suffer from allergies may had recurring sinus issues. Allergies may stem from pets, dust mites, or certain foods such as wheat, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, milk, shellfish or red wine.

- A deviated septum can also cause the sinuses to block so that they do not properly drain.

When sinus issues spiral to a level of pain, pressure and nasal stuffiness, the condition is known as sinusitis.

The following natural remedies may be of help in alleviating pain and discomfort. Most of the following natural remedies involve methods that will open the sinuses so that they will drain and the pressure will be relieved.

- Steam whether it's a pot of boiling water on the stove or steam produced by a humidifier or a vaporizer, steam helps to moisten the tissues to alleviate irritation, thus preventing swelling. Adding oils to the water or to port in the vaporizer can assist in opening nasal passages. Eucalyptus, menthol or pine oil all work very well.

Saline Spray for Sinus Relief

- A saline nasal spray can help soothe irritated tissues and may be used as often as desired to moisten the tissues.

On the other hand, nose drops and sprays may bring temporary relief but can cause the situation to worsen.

Be sure to read your nose drop or spray label and follow directions. Look for the recommended consecutive days for use.

Warmth to Provide Sinus Relief & Comfort

- A warm moist towel placed gently on the face can help relieve sinus symptoms.

- Elevate your head while sleeping to encourage sinuses to drain.

Spicy Foods to Get the Sinuses Unblocked

- Spicy foods can assist in opening the closed nasal passageways. Garlic, horseradish, hot mustard, jalapeno peppers, chili, and salsa all work well.

- Exercise may assist but it may also heighten sinus issues, particularly if the individual  is allergic to things in the great outdoors such as grass, pollen and cedar.

If your sinus condition worsens and you experience fever you should visit your doctor.

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