Lose Pounds: Step by Step

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A Step by Step Process for Losing Excess Body Weight

Today I am busy writing a step-by-step plan for weight loss and you are more than welcome to view this work in progress. In fact - you will be among the first privy to this information. The link is located here.

If you are planning to lose weight or wishing to maintain your current weight, I hope that this section of Diet Bites is resilient in supporting your needs.

Simple Diet Plans vs Complex

Many times, diet and weight loss plans tend to be complex - so this is my attempt to keep weight loss as simple as possible.

While putting together a meal plate that requires a recipe made with goat cheese, wheat germ and English cucumbers might be healthy - we can do such without all the fuss.

A simple meal of pan-roasted chicken tenders and a baked potato are equally if not more healthy. A bowl of your favorites beans or lentils with a wedge of cornbread is also healthy. Without the fuss, we can get a healthy meal on the table quite quickly before hunger overtakes our wise senses.

The first couple of pages of the Step-By-Step Diet Plan are a prelude which bleed into the simple steps of weight loss.

Although these steps are simple, if you have ever tried to ditch those stubborn pounds, you are already aware that losing weight is far from simple. And keeping the weight off can be more difficult than losing the weight.

Breaking Down Your Diet In Steps Simplifies the Weight Loss Process, Increasing Success Odds

Therefore, breaking down the steps in easy-to-follow directions will hopefully make the process less stressful and more productive.

If I had only one thing to say about weight loss it's this: " Although losing weight is great, the overall goal is keeping the weight off forever!"

It's more than 'just weight'. It's more than just 'unwanted weight'.

It's 'unhealthy weight' and if we could visualize those extra pounds as unhealthy rather than unwanted, it might assist in changing how we go about getting rid of them permanently - and how we would work to keep our body as fit as possible.

Whenever the word 'unwanted' is mentioned, at times it can stir a deep feeling of empathy within our hearts - even when it involves those pounds that we're trying to lose. Subconsciously, we may actually try to hold onto them in a strange sort of way because of such.

But by thinking of them as 'unhealthy' - who wants that? Word games can certainly add power to the weight loss factor.

With that said, tomorrow I will present you with a question that I have waited several weeks to ask. I hope that you'll tune in for that. And I want to again wish you a successful and joyous new year!

To read tomorrow's weight journal view here.

Weight Loss Maintenance Journal


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