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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Akavar Weight Loss Claim

You may have seen advertisements for Akavar on television which basically set forth that an individual can take Akavar, eat all that they want without exercise  and still lose weight.

If you are struggling with weight gain and want to peel off those unwanted pounds, you may have questions related to Akavar.

First, can one really lose all the weight they want while eating all they wish? Without exercise? Can that be possible? Is Akavar safe? What are the ingredients in Akavar? How does Akavar work to achieve weight loss?

We'll attempt to answer these questions and highly advise that you make your final decision on whether Akavar is right for you with the assistance of your doctor. OH - and one note. Can you really say something on tv if it isn't true? Sure you can. Even presidents have done such.

What is Akavar & How Does Akavar Work?

As an important  side note, Akavar has not been approved by the FDA and in our analysis of Akavar we were unable to locate published clinical research on the results of Akavar in relation to weight loss which support weight loss claims and results.

Supposedly, Akavar works in restricting daily calorie intake thus pulling calories from the fat cells. In addition, Akavar supposedly makes you feel fuller so you eat less.

Sixty Akavar capsules cost about $40.00. Directions include taking 2 capsules with 1 glass of water 15 minutes before meals, taking a maximum of 4 capsules per day.

Ingredients in Akavar 20/50

Note: View Here for detailed information on the following ingredients.

Vitamin B6
Yerba Mate Leaf 
Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine, a stimulant.) 
Guarana Seed 
Damiana Leaf/Stem
Green Tea Leaf
Ginger Root 
Kola Nut  
Schinsandra Fruit 
Scutellaria Root (also found in Relacore) 
Tibetan Ginseng Root
Jujube Fruit

Other ingredients contained in Akavar include: Thea Sinensis Complex Leaf, Cocoa Nut, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Gelatin, Yellow #6 & Red #3.

As a note, many of the above ingredients are also contained in Estrin D by Covaxil Laboratories which supposedly assists menopausal and perimenopausal women lose weight. In reviewing the ingredients in Estrin D and Akavar - it's almost like looking at a carbon copy.

Who Should Not Use Akavar

In our opinion - we do not feel that Akavar is a safe and effective mode of weight loss and cannot recommend Akavar for weight loss. And of course, the a-typical warnings can be found on the product label: Not for pregnant or nursing women, individuals younger than 18 years of age or those sensitive to stimulants.

Common misspellings of Akavar include: Akvar, Akavare, Akavarr

This article is not intended to take the place of your family doctor.

Akavar Reader Feedback:

Mike's Akavar Experience

Took 4 a day for two weeks then quit them when muscles on the left shoulder developed a dull ache. Also shortness of breath and blood pressure increase. Lost no weight. Don't recommend them.

Diet Bites thanks Mike for sharing his Akavar Experience with our readers. Mike

Wendy's Akavar Experience

I'm a  healthy individual who wanted to lose 10 pounds.  I purchased Akatar and after taking for 1 week, I developed high blood pressure and my chest felt tight. 

Diet Bites thanks Wendy for sharing her Akavar Experience with our readers. I went to my doctor to ask if it was safe and he told me my blood pressure was 159 over 105.  I have never had high blood pressure before.  My doctor told me to not take the medicine anymore and I would not recommend it.

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