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December Dieting, Welcome

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting Tips for December

Goodbye November, Hello December!

Today officially kicks off the scramble of goody buying, goody making and goody eating - and this kamikaze Diet era typically lasts until January 2.

That's the magic number, for on this date dieters by the grove will come running through those scary gates leading to the Old Weight Loss Trail with their cans of tuna and sacks of rice cakes in hopes of reaching their weight loss goals.

They'll hop onto their weight scales - some with high anticipation, hoping that they didn't put on too much bacon during the holidays.

Some will cry because they did. Some will hop angrily up and down on their scales, or toss them out the window with their tuna and rice cakes and with their aspirations of ever reaching their recommended weight.

And some will actually receive four gold stars because with much courage they dropped those unwanted pounds down the chimney amid the holiday season.

So how do I know all this? Because I've been there - at every level imaginable.

Amid my former 'fat' days, I've put on enough pounds to sink a battleship during the holiday season.

I had years where I even lost weight during the holidays.

And even a few years where my weight remained steady - even though I exceeded my recommended weight.

Dealing With Holidays Foods While Dieting

With this said, where do you fit into the picture? Are you currently slinking into holiday divinity and fudge like it was Aunt Lena's feather bed? Are you diving into the eggnog like it was Uncle Ed's swimming pool?

OR - are you dropping both pounds and friends as you shake your head 'no' to their delicious and traditional holiday goodies?

Even to that loaf of Friendship Bread made by your co-worker?

Or, are you sticking to your weight loss plan? (I'm so proud of you, too!) (Please keep up the great work!) (You CAN do this!) OR - are you somewhere in the middle, between right and wrong?

It's not a bad place to be - and if you're holding your current weight at a steady level, the again I want to present you with the challenge of maintaining your current weight up until January 2.

Even if you have pounds to lose, then you won't have all those unwanted extra pounds to deal with.

A weight gain of 20 pounds - which is about typical for those who begin their holiday feasting on October 31st - can take you up to three months to get rid of.

So on that note, let the festivities begin while keeping in mind that as the years go by, the fondest of holiday memories won't be associated with the holiday foods, rather the events and the people surrounding you. Make every moment, as well as every calorie count.

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