State of Obesity Moves to State of Mississippi Via Bill
Proposal to Ban Obese From Being Served

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fighting Obesity in the State of Mississippi

Republican State Senator John Reed is one of three authors of a bill proposing legislation which will ban the obese from being served in restaurants in Mississippi.

This appears to be The Big Threes' solution in fighting obesity in the State of Mississippi. Can we say discrimination??

Of course, this ludicrous bill will be vetoed, but it makes one wonder if the next bill will be one banning alcoholics from purchasing liquor.

Imagine walking into a liquor store to purchase a bottle of wine for Valentine's Day and having to take a breathalyzer test before you can make a purchase.

Good grief - what is our nation coming to?

This has to be the craziest bill ever proposed in modern day history.  

Craziness aside, politicians cannot know everything about all things, but by now - certainly they would realize that obesity is a medical condition and in most cases can be linked to genetics.

Obesity is not a physical  desire - rather an inward  desire for food which is complex because while one individual may desire food because it tastes good, another may do such as a source of comfort.

So we repeat: obesity is a medical condition - one that many cannot control and will never be able to conquer.

The fact that 'The Big Three' appear not to know that obesity is a disease - particularly given their positions of hierarchy, is a simple case of ignorance.

And this ridiculous bill has worsened the side effects of obesity for many individuals. One of the chief side-effects of obesity as well as weight gain is a feeling of insecurity regarding their physical appearance.

What 'better' way to make individuals even more self-conscious than to create a bill banning them from restaurants because they 'look' fat?

This situation will only feed their insecurities.

Restaurant owners have to be infuriated as the passage of such bill would not only influence their revenue but would also require them to police their customers - which in our opinion is just a step away from good old communism.

The most surprising factor surrounding this entire issue is that many will walk away with the conception that if one is overweight, then they don't need to eat and that will solve everything - that if one is overweight - they can't eat and they shouldn't eat. That's sad.

We still here shaking our heads over the ignorance of this bill.

Given the fact that about 3/4's of the voting population are either overweight or obese, we wouldn't want to be these three guys come the next election.

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