Diet Chocolate Milk Recipe for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Recipe for Chocolate Milk

This morning for breakfast I prepared a delicious, yummy, low calorie and extremely low fat glass of chocolate milk that I would like to share with you.

However - prepare 'thou self' because this chocolate gem tastes and looks more like a chocolate shake - and is richer than a Texas oilman.

If you don't have a 'Magic Bullet' this low calorie recipe can also be prepared in a blender - or with the aid of any kitchen appliance that shakes, rattles and rolls - such as your trusty mixer.

You can even put it into any tall container which seals well, and do the shaking yourself. You'll also burn a few calories amid the shaking.

The Delicious Recipe Ingredients

The Low Calorie Chocolate Shake Recipe contains about 100 calories and is 1,000% delicious!

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this Diet Chocolate Milk Recipe:

1 cup of reduced fat or zero fat milk; I used the 80 calories milk

a shot of vanilla extract or imitation vanilla; I happen to be more fond of the imitation than the real deal but both contain zero calories

2 teaspoons of powdered cocoa for about 15 calories; if you use the dark chocolate cocoa powder you'll get a few more heart-healthy benefits.

Splenda or any sugar substitute and the amount that you use will depend upon your personal taste; if you don't like sugar substitutes you can certain add a spoon two of white table sugar but take note that this will increase the calories for every teaspoon that you add for about 18 calories.

How to Prepare This Recipe

Pour the reduced fat milk into the Magic Bullet or the apparatus you're planning to use for mixing purposes. Add the vanilla extract or imitation vanilla, then add the cocoa powder and Splenda. Whirl for five seconds - or until well blended.

The whirling method adds a lot of volume to the chocolate milk so it will have a nice head on it.

I enjoyed mine with a slice of whole grain toast and some Smucker's peach preserves - the sugar free variety.

One side note: the Smucker's sugar free preserves are delicious before they hit the fridge, but afterwards they tend to congeal and to me, they taste a bit like gelatin. Our suggestion is to warm them up just a tab once they have been refrigerated.

Foods That Compliment Chocolate Milk

If you're on a weight loss plan then you're doing your very best to keep the caloric values of your foods as low as possible. Our chocolate milk recipe contains about 95 calories and even if you double the amount of cocoa powder, only 110 calories. We have a lot of room left to add some tasty foods to the menu.

Let's put on our thinking caps and think about the foods that will go well with our milk. How about scrambled eggs? Along with a slice of whole grain toast. By the way, you need to aim to make about one-half of your foods from the Grain Group to be in the form of whole grains. But beware, because much of the foods that we assume to be whole grain really aren't. Look for keywords such as oats on the label and the whole grains should be the first ingredient listed.

Diet Chocolate Milk RecipeAs to the scrambled eggs, let's add some nutritional values to them, shall we? Pull your mushrooms and bell peppers from the refrigerator. Slice them thin and saute them in a non-stick pan using a bit of cooking spray. I really like the butter and olive oil cooking sprays as they add a bit of oomph to the food. When the vegetables are tender, remove them.

For our eggs, if we use one yolk and two whites then we can stretch our serving size of our scrambled egg without adding significant caloric content. Depending upon the size of the egg used, you'll add no more than 20 calories to the recipe.

Whisk the two egg whites together with the one yolk; add salt and pepper to suit your taste buds. Pour into a non-stick pan; you may want to coat it with cooking spray just to ensure that it doesn't stick. Now start your scrambling by gently stirring the eggs. Add the sauteed mushrooms and bell pepper.

Enjoy with your chocolate milk and whole grain toast along with a teaspoon of reduced fat margarine for an additional 20 or so calories. Why not add a half a cup of whole or sliced strawberries to your meal? They contain about 23 calories for 1/2 cup. Now that's what we call a super deal for dieters!

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