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Tiny Breads, Sandwiches, Vegetable Meal Suggestions

Make Tiny Sandwiches & Pair With Fruit & Low Fat Cheese; Add a Side of Yogurt

Tiny bread is a great way to enjoy a Diet Meal. Party breads can generally be found in the deli section of your favorite market.

Top with any of the following OR use slices to create some very fun Diet Sandwiches:

Prices Light Pimento Spreads, light cream cheese, a teaspoon of peanut butter, apple butter, thin deli meats, skim-milk based cheeses, lettuce, tomato slices, cucumbers, sliced radishes, mushrooms, onion slices, mustard and light Mayo or light Miracle Whip.

Asian Style Meal Suggestions for Your Diet Plan

Enjoy a healthy Chinese or Japanese-style dinner featuring diet-wise stir fry, steamed rice, assorted sauces, and a bowl of fortune cookies. Plan to eat without shoes on and on the floor. Dust off your chopsticks while you're at it.

Getting the Entire Family Healthier & Don't Forget the Pet

If you're the chief cook at home, have the family's meal mirror your diet. They'll be healthier for it - and they may even feel like they are helping you in reaching your weight loss goal.

Tips for Kitchen Related to Meal Planning

Replace Tablespoons for Teaspoons.

Check out the multiple versions of vinegar at your local market to spruce up that salad or veggie entree.

Add a shot of sugar free flavored syrup to your favorite diet beverages.

Look for burpless cucumbers after purchasing Beano for those trusty, yet very healthy, beans.

Many fresh foods can be sliced and eaten with the skins left on which will add health benefits to your weight loss plan (fiber). Examples: kiwi and cucumbers. 

Do away with electrical gadgets, such as can openers. You'll burn a bit of calories while building a bit of muscle doing it the old fashioned way.

Cut meat into tiny pieces to last longer and so that it digests more efficiently.

Fancy store-bought meat sauces may contain more calories than the meat itself.

Dieting Tips, Looking Thin While Losing Excess Pounds

If you have more than pounds to lose, don't blow your paycheck on an entire new wardrobe after losing pounds. You may find that you don't want to lose more weight because you'll have to bust out more bucks for thinner duds. 

Purchase a few outfits, and float over the size that you're going to be after your diet. Yeah - this is where you want to be, so keep Diet Motivated and yeah, you'll definitely get there before you even know it!

Slimming Fashion Tip: Chunky shoes will add pounds to your legs.

Slimming Tip: Make sure hemlines are even and not lopsided which may add a bigger illusion your size.

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