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Sensible Meal Planning Tips

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when dieting is to cut their food intake to an unhealthy and sometimes fatal level. Dieting can indeed be fatal, so you must take special care to get sufficient calories when dieting.

Saute with clear broths rather than oils.

Wine, tomato juice and low calorie sauces also work well.  Bouillon is another calorie saver, but keep in mind that it's very high in sodium.

When eating pizza, choose thin crust over 'thick, stuffed crust, pan crust' style pizza.

You can save enough calories to enjoy a second slice. An average slice of pizza supported by a thin crust contains about 250 to 350 calories.

Although obtaining vitamins naturally is the absolute best way in getting our daily dose of vitamins, a multivitamin acts as a very good safety net for dieters who come up short where vitamins are concerned.

To substitute fatty buttermilk in recipes with a slimmer, healthier alternative, use 1 cup of skim milk plus 1 teaspoon of vinegar per cup of buttermilk.

Healthy Meal Planning Tips

Grab some Vitamin A with a Carrot Mash. Cook baby carrots in microwave in a bit of water then remove, drain, mash, add a few packs of Splenda, a bit of ground cinnamon and no calorie butter spray. Carrot Mash is ultra low in calories high in nutrition!

Almost all varieties of squash can be transformed from veggie to dessert by using ground cinnamon, no calorie butter and a few packets of no calorie sweetener. Top with a couple of marshmallows for a few more calories and a creamy, sweet tone.

Check out some club soda while at your local market. It's packed with a delicious, different zing that will thrill your bored Diet Taste buds. Zero calories, too!

Salad bars can be deadly to your weight loss plan. While lettuce, tomatoes and sliced mushrooms lay innocently waiting to be savored, there's that shredded cheese, fatty dressings and plump croutons coaxing you towards them.

Calories & Cholesterol in Egg Yolks - Egg yolks contains about 58 calories and about 213 mg of cholesterol for a large egg. A healthier option when those egg cravings hit is egg substitutes that contain zero cholesterol.

A good potion of calories in that favorite piece of pie come from the crust. Generally 110 to 150 calories - which adds up to Pie in the Diet Face.

Tips to Assist in a Thinner Appearance While Dieting

Slimming Swimsuit Tip: Sarongs are elegant and wispy, and make wonderful cover-ups for your swimsuit.

Apply some tanning lotion to even out and darken skin tones, thus creating a slimmer illusion.

Avoid bulky fashion gear, including furry objects, ruffles, fluffy fluffs, puffy sleeves, balloon legs, and fuzzy creations. However, don't toss out those feather boas.

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