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Cellulite & the Human Body

Cellulite is worse than the Heartbreak of Psoriasis! It's the dented skin generally found in the thigh area that looks like cork wood.

There are creams on the market that MAY reduce the appearance of cellulite, but once they are discontinued, the dimples return.

Exercise isn't effective in ridding these Vanity Tormentors, so if you have cellulite, it may be something that you have to learn to live with.

Cellulite effects people of all sizes, so it's nothing to panic about.

By losing excess pounds we can lessen the appearance of cellulite. The dimpling effect can be significantly reduced.

Keep in mind that as the body puts on pounds, the skin stretches. Where the dimpling occurs, unfortunately it doesn't stretch and lift. Instead, the dimpling-effect is greatly increased.

Diet Tips to Slash Fat

Consider counting fat grams for weight loss. For healthy adult males and females the upper intake level advisement from the USDA is 20-35 grams daily.

The most common sources for fat in the American diet include: butter, margarine, vegetable and cooking oils, visible fat on meats and poultry, invisible fats within foods - particularly as housed within fish and seafood, whole milk, nuts, edible seeds and bakery items.

Decreasing fatty acid intake, particularly saturated, Trans and cholesterol, heart disease risks can be slashed while major improvements can be seen in cholesterol readings.

As we can quickly see, most of us can work towards decreasing total fat intake. For example, rather than reaching for that next cookie - what if we reached for a plum instead? Some cookies contain more than 200 calories each. For that amount we could eat about half a dozen plums!

Hurdles Involving Weight Loss

Individuals can become jealous of their partner's weight loss success. They may feel excluded or out of control. Prepare for this weight loss hurdle if this strikes a familiar chord.

No matter how much weight you lose OR don't lose - never forget who you are. Many times, weight has a way of changing people's personality in a negative rather than a positive way.

Keep in mind that you are more bothered about your weight than those around you.

Think like a kid where activity is concerned. Grab some chalk and play hopscotch OR run OR skip OR jump rope OR skate OR grab that rusting bike and dust off the seat.

Keep in mind that your restrictive diet plan isn't going to be forever. Once the unwanted weight is gone - you're going to feel lighter, be healthier and you can enjoy more of those favorite things. Only this time, you're Diet Wise!

Take special care while dieting to focus on yourself. Know your goals and don't allow friends, family or co-workers to shatter your diet plan.


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