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Healthy 100% Vegetable Juices to Fight Belly Fat

Tuna Recipe

Enjoy Light as Lamb's Wool Tuna Cakes: 3 ounces (1/2 small can) of tuna in spring water, 5 cracker, 1 egg white, 2 Tablespoons of flour, salt and cracked pepper to personal taste. 

Mix and drop into a pan sprayed with no calories buttery cooking spray. Cook until golden on one side; flip until golden on the other. Enjoy with a bit of catsup or a spoon of light jam or marmalade. Calories in Tuna Cakes: About 150 for all.

Quick Chili Pie Recipe

Substitute beef canned chili with turkey chili. Turkey chili lacks the fat and calorie content of other meat-based chilies but it doesn't lack taste. An equally healthy option over turkey chili is vegetarian chili, rich in beans - a natural source of protein.

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this recipe:

1 can of Campbell's Home Style Mexican-Style Chicken Tortilla Soup [entire can contains only 260 calories, 130 calories per serving]
1 slice of skim-based mozzarella cheese [50 calories]
1 serving of On The Border Tortilla Chips

Heat the soup, add the cheese and toss in the chips. As a nutrition note, the On the Border Tortilla Chips are tasty, prepared with a hint of sea salt, contain 0 Trans fat, are low in saturated fat AND are low in sodium. We highly recommend them.

Cooking Tips to Reduce Fat, Calories, Sugar & Sodium While Dieting

Add a few zingers to zip up your diet beverage. Examples: cherries to diet cola and lemon to lemon-lime diet soda.

Cozy up to your honey. Making love is definitely an activity that will burn off calories. An added bonus of dieting is that the closer you get to your weight loss goals, the sexier you're going to feel!

Find other avenues of celebrating that don't involve feasting.

Great low calorie recipes and motivational weight loss articles can be found in books and magazines. Keep a few on hand to help motivate you when you're experiencing frustration.

Looking for a sweet treat low in fat and calories? Might we recommend the enticing plum for about 35 calories? And she's fresh, too.....

Use half sugar and half Splenda when baking. Sugar contains about 800 calories per cup - so you can save a sugar-bunch of calories. 

Other than sugar, oil and flour are two Big Bad Boys when it comes to calories and weight gain - so be on the lookout for The Big Three: Sugar, Flour, Oil/Lard/Shortening.

Introduce edible flowers and blossoms into your dull diet plan. Roses, squash blossoms - all little beauties to enhance your weight loss experience.

Belly Fat-Fighting Tips With Protein & Fresh Vegetables

Eggs, a Good Source for Protein

The current 'egg per day' recommendation is ONE and that includes eggs used to prepare all the foods that you eat throughout the day.

Natural Vegetables, Healthy Choices for Dieters

Enter into the World of Veggie Exotica! Visit a local market that's well stocked. If you live in a rural area, try surfing the Net. 

Experiment with veggies that you've never tasted before. Parsnips, portabella mushrooms, snow peas, turk's turbine squash, acorn squash - oh my, it's a whole new Diet World!


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