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Carb Tips That Assist in Cutting Fat & Calories in Your Diet

Bacon Tips

Best Bacon Choices for Weight Loss - Substitute pork bacon with turkey bacon. Turkey is naturally lower in calories and fat than most cuts of pork. One serving of turkey bacon contains about 35 calories in comparison to pork bacon which may 70 or more calories per serving.  The Metabolism Burn

Quick Popcorn Recipe

Sweet Diet Recipe for Sweet Popcorn: 2 cups of hot air popcorn sprayed generously with no calorie butter spray; sprinkle with Splenda and a dash of cinnamon.

Healthy Carbs for Snacking OR for Meal Time While Dieting

Pretzels Healthy for Snacking

Rather than fudge-out on plain old pretzels, check out the hard and crusty big-boy, sourdough pretzels. One variety that we especially love is 'Zels', discovered at a tiny convenience store on a fly-by-drop-n-go. 

For calories and zero grams of fat, these little buggers take an unusually LONG time to eat. Enjoy with a diet vanilla soda and oh my, you're in Diet Heaven.

Whole Grain Bagels, a Healthy Choice Anytime of Day

If you simply can't tolerate breakfast, try to incorporate a healthy mid-morning snack. A small banana, a few strawberries, a small bagel, or even half a bagel  - all of these make excellent snacks that will help keep you from tipping the scales during lunch time.

An added Diet Plus? A smart snack will start your metabolism burn for the day.

Carbs, Calories in Starbucks Dessert Items

Chocolate Chunk Cookie - 1 cookie contains 610 calories & 83 Carbs. 

Starbucks Scone (Brazil Nut) - 1 scone - 450 calories, 21 fat grams & 59 Carbs.

Tips to Assist in Losing Weight Safely

Steer clear from the all you can eat spots. These type of food offerings tend to make the dieter feel that if they only eat a small amount, they aren't getting their money's worth.

Getting in your forty-winks for the day has shown to be beneficial in controlling weight in recent studies.  And it's common sense that the more hours one is awake, the more Diet Temptation they face.

Sufficient sleep sharpens the senses, improves balance, memory and even sex drive.  Maybe old Rip knew what he was doing, eh?

Practice good poster. Stand in front of a mirror, slumped, then straighten. You'll probably discover that you not only look much thinner, you also feel better.

Breathe baby breathe! Proper breathing burns calories and strengthens lung compression. Healthier lungs equate to a healthier, stronger heart.

Studies indicate that people eat more when there are several choices of food colors are involved - such as in jelly beans and chocolate covered candies supporting different colors.

We saved our best weight loss tip for last. When overwhelmed by dieting, visit Diet Bites. Yeah, I know that this sounds like a plug for Diet Bites, but she's a wonderful old girl that understands all of your Diet Woes. 

She's full of Diet Motivation, Diet Encouragement, and yeah, she's been in those same Diet Shoes. 

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