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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Caffeine Effect on Body Health

The effect of caffeine in the diet can be dramatic: irritability, stomach upset and disturbances in sleeping patterns. Caffeine can be found in many food items, but it chiefly reigns in coffee and tea.

Too much caffeine may lend the dieter the impression that they are experiencing the jitters due to low blood sugar. 'Real Diet Needs' may be confused with "Diet Jitters' or 'Diet Wants'.

While dieting, you certainly don't want the jitters added to your pot of Diet Confusion. Therefore, diet smartly and keep caffeine consumption at 300 milligrams or less per day - or about 2 cups of coffee.

Activities to Assist in Feeling Our Best

Rake leaves, shovel up some snow, clean out the gutters - get the home looking great while burning calories and accelerating weight loss. You'll also be building stamina.

Diet 101: An oldie but goldie - take the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator.

Build your physical endurance a little at a time.

Our favorite exercise is walking. Start out by taking a 10 minute walk, then build from there. You'll soon build up to that magic number, getting there the healthy weigh!

Whether working or playing in the hot outdoors, hydrate to avoid Prune Cloning.

Losing Excess Pounds to Feel Better

Achieving unwanted weight loss at any age can be beneficial to one's health, as can incorporating moderate activity into the daily lifestyle.

Blast the fat from your diet tip: microwave and drain bacon on a paper towel before eating.

Diet Relaxation-Revitalize Tip: Grind or grate one cucumber until extremely fine and mix with a dab of vitamin E cream. Apply to your face, taking care to avoid the eye area. Let it 'rest' on your face for about 5 minutes.

My, don't you look fresh as a cucumber?

Healthier Eating Plan, Less Sugar & Fatty Acids

Blast the fat from your diet tip: pat any fried foods that you eat with a napkin before eating.

Blast the sugar from your diet tip: Don't forget about natural honey! It takes less honey to sweeten than sugar, is a natural gift of Mother Nature, and will lend a different taste to your diet wise meal.

Lose Weight to Feel Healthier & Related Tips

Try skipping dinner for 3 nights in a row to see some impressive results on your weight loss scales. Be sure not to go AIP all day; eat healthy. Cut off eating about mid-afternoon and drink diet-wise beverages until bedtime. Get your doc's permission first.

Consider counting calories for weight loss.

Think very soberly before opting for bariatric surgery for weight loss. Bariatric surgery is not a guarantee for permanent weight loss. 

Search out a network of good websites that provide weight loss information, tips, how-to's and diet planners such as Diet Bites - hint, hint. 

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