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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Popcorn, a Great Snack for Dieters in Moderation

Even though many microwavable popcorns are low in calories and fat, if you pop the entire bag, odds are, you're going to eat the entire bag. Opt for the single serving bags or share your big bag with a friend or family member.

Zero Fat Not Zero Calories

Foods that contain zero fat, or minimal  fat, are not guaranteed to be lower in calories than the full blown goody. Fat-free crackers contain the same number of calories as regular crackers - and this is just one example.  

However, some foods which are greatly reduced in lipids can hold far less calories. This is where the dieter must make decisions on which types of food they wish to put into their diet plan. Popcorn is a great example of where reduced-fat pays off nicely in the area of enhanced nutritional values. Opting for the reduced fat variety can trim 100 or more calories from the recommended serving size.

Keeping fat levels down a notch is certainly beneficial to overall health.  However, if you are seeking 'weight loss results' - then opt for counting the calories in foods you consume  and banking on a healthy diet that contains the nutrients that the body requires to adequately function. Ironically, fat is one of those 'healthy' items. What's the old saying? " Everything in moderation...."  

Calories & Popcorn Tips

Count out those chips because they add up before you realize. The same applies to tiny candy, buttered popcorn and other high calorie, high fat finger-sized treats. Reach for a cup of strawberries instead OR hot air popcorn.

Hot air popped popcorn contains less than 20 calories per cup. Watch the butter, though. We recommend heating up no calorie butter and pouring on.

Become a nutrition label reader and expert. How can you go wrong when you know exactly what you are eating? Reading labels assists the dieter in recognizing high calorie foods, high fat foods and those injected with a bit too much sodium.

While dieting, stick to foods whose calorie content you are either familiar with OR that have the calories outlined on the label.

Popcorn Recipes for Dieters

Make cinnamon and sugar popcorn that contains a mere 20 calories per cup. Add 2 Tablespoons of no calorie butter spray to a bag of hot air popped corn. Add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and no calorie sweetener to suit your personal taste.

Make nacho cheese popcorn that contains a mere 20 calories per cup. Add 2 Tablespoons of no calorie butter spray to a bag of hot air popped corn. Add 1/2 teaspoon of ground chili powder and ground parmesan cheese as desired. Shake.

Simple Carb-Saving Tips

Popcorn contains quite a few carbohydrates. One ounce of hot-air popcorn holds 22.05 carbohydrate grams; one cup - 6.22 grams. Those containing butter OR extra butter flavoring can contain over 50 carbohydrate grams per bag.

Don't touch the basket of bread until your meal arrives or you may find that you've eaten the entire basket. If need be, ask the waiter to wait until your entree arrives before setting the bread on the table.

Slice your bread thin and make sure that the slice is no wider than your hand (side-vision).

About Popcorn Diet Plans, Combining Diets

Weight loss plans that make popped corn the star are fad plans. They pose great risk to one's health, including an increased risk of death. While adding air-popped corn to your diet is a good idea, any fat-reducing plan which places the focus on one food should be avoided for your good health. After all, what's the use of losing those excess pounds if you're going to end up less healthy than when you started your plan - and in some situations, left with life-long health issues due to the plan?

Although 'food combining' diets are not effective in losing weight and keeping it off, there is great common sense in combining items from the basic food groups. Example: If you eat cabbage, combining it with beans will give your Diet a big nutritional boost.  The Vitamin C in the cabbage works to enhance the absorption of non-heme iron in the legumes.  

Of course, eating both beans and cabbage at once can be a real gas....

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