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Tips for Losing Weight by Making Healthier Choices

Broccoli may help regulate blood sugar levels and it's so low in calories and fatty acids, making it an excellent food for your diet plan. One cup of chopped raw broccoli contains a skinny 31 calories. A giant bunch which weighs 1 pounds and 5 ounces contains only 200 calories.

To reduce calories in that slice of favorite pie, experiment with pie crust recipes that contain ingredients low in calories and fat. Sugar free cookies, filo dough and crusts created from pretzels all make great substitutes.

Replace fatty franks with lean or light franks, such as turkey franks.

While dining out, avoid Au Gratin - a fancy cover up for cheese sauce. The redder or green the sauce, generally the less calories is contains when compared to white sauces.

Jerky is ultra low in calories and fat and packed with protein which helps rid the body of water weight gain. Go turkey jerky for less calories than beef jerky.

A small can of shoe stringed potatoes contains about 225 calories (check the label).  Yes, it's got a bit of fat, but they go a long way when enjoyed one stick at a time - as do stick pretzels.

Gelatin strengthens nails and most sugar-free varieties contain about 10 scant calories.

Visit your local book stop OR library and check out the light cookbooks. Even those 'regular' recipes can be easily modified using healthier substitutes.

About Dieting Pills & Fad Diet Plans

Diet pills can curb your appetite but not all diet pills are safe. Diet pills may give some individuals the jitters while others may feel like they just can't get off the roller-coaster ride.

The safest way to lose weight quickly is to begin losing today! Start with a smart qualified- doctor-approved diet plan and stick with it.

While a fad diet may help motivate an individual into losing weight, pursuing SOME fad diets may better than doing nothing. 

BUT, beware of diets that limit calories and fat and that restrict necessary nutrients that your body needs daily to function. If the fad diet is a basic program that incorporates the basic food groups and you truly believe that you will lose weight, then go for it - with your doctor's approval.

Tips for Beating Excess Weight With Exercise

When exercising outdoors - don't be a cliffhanger. Keep away from those pointy cliffs and edges when exercising in the Great Outdoors, especially those concealed in snow and ice. 

It's definitely one time in life where you don't want to 'slip up' or....off.

While exercising in the wild (i.e. hiking), steer clear of half-frozen ponds. Keep focused by keeping your eyes on the trail.

Get your pet healthy as you get healthy by taking a brisk morning or evening walk together. Your pet is also someone that you can talk to about all your dieting woes and they'll keep all your secrets. 

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