Dieting With Natural Fruit

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Tips for the Healthy Fruit Group While Dieting

Food Pyramid Weight Loss & Nutrition Tip: Enjoy 2-4 servings of fruit per day.

Check your juice labels to make sure you're getting your 'Juice Buck's Worth'. 5% juice doesn't cut it when it comes to nutritional value.

Look for 100% juice blends. Take note that the first ingredient listed will most-likely be apple juice, even if you're purchasing peach, cherry or grape juice. For 100% pure cherry [or other pure] juice, view the labels. Pure juices cost about 2-3 times more than the 100% juice blends.

Slice a banana into tiny sliced OR an apple or peach - or your favorite fruit. Dust with Splenda or Equal and a dash of cinnamon if desired.

The fruit will take much longer to eat than via Mother Nature's package.

Even when your juice contains 'pure juice', keep in mind that it comes in the form of 'High Calories'. Sweetened juices are very pricey when it comes to calories. Opt for your favorite juices' natural originator. (Apples for apple juice, prunes for prune juice and so forth.)

Choose fruit pies over custard and cream pies as they contain a healthy bite of fruit. Actually, several.

A slice of orange or pink grapefruit looks pretty sexy on the rim of a glass of spring water. And what about a kiwi or lime slice? Yeah, also pretty sexy.

Blast the fat from your diet tip: Pull that sweet tooth and enjoy fresh fruit rather than bakery goods.

Diet Recipes Using Natural Fruits & Cooking Tips

Recipe for Orange Banana Boats

You'll need 2 bananas. Carefully peel down one side of the banana carefully remove the banana.

Tie the ends of the peels with a bit of ribbon or twine and fill with the following mixture: 1 cup of shredded carrots plus 1 Tablespoon of LIGHT Mayo plus 1 Tablespoon of raisins.  Mix well before filling banana boats.

Healthy Melon Recipe for Dieters

Scoop out a melon and fill with assorted melon balls for a low calorie, nutritious treat. OR, freeze a few melon balls on a cookie sheet in your freezer.  They take a long time to enjoy and are very low in calories and contain virtually zero fat.

Blast the fat from your diet tip: in recipes, substitute dried fruits, fresh fruits, applesauce and yogurt for oil.

Rather than frying meats, roast or broil. Add a glaze consisting of the following:  Tablespoon of your favorite dried fruits plus one teaspoon of water. Warm in the microwave and drizzle over roasted meat.

Exotic glazes and sauces, including bar-b-que sauces are generally packed with calories due to the sugar content. Experiment with healthier choices, such as adding a Tablespoon of your favorite LIGHT jam, jelly or preserves to your meats.

Diet Tips for Natural Fruits & Losing Weight

Salads, fresh fruit, fresh veggies - all equal weight loss.

You can have 2 oranges for the same number of calories as 1 cup of orange juice.

One Banana Moon Pie contains more calories than 3 large bananas. So when dieting, don't moon your diet with foods that are extreme in fat and calories.

An apple may wake you up faster than a cup of coffee. Crunch!

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