Diet Tips for Reaching Recommended Size

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Reducing Fats, Calories & Sugar to Reach Recommended Size & Other Sensible Diet Tips

Blast the sugar from your diet tip: The less sugar you eat, the less you'll want. That's the good news.

Try preparing sugar-free gelatin and enjoying it as a beverage. It's thick, it's sweet, it's filling, it's only 40 calories per small box.

Whipped foods such as cream cheese, peanut butter and margarine may help cut your calorie and fat intake because it takes less to 'do the job'.

Diet pills won't melt off body fat. 

While some diet pills will quell the appetite and render uncomfortable, and sometimes alarming effects on the body, they really won't melt off the body fat.

That must be accomplished through a healthy diet and moderate activity. When combined, it's a dynamic duo that can't be beat when it comes to weight loss!

Avoid weighing after eating heavy objects, such as melon, which will render a false reading. This includes beverages. Water weighs very heavily.

Exercise to Reach Recommended Size

Toss that hamburger bun out and opt for monster mushrooms such as tasty portabellas. Brush with olive oil, then toast on stove-top or on grill. Careful and don't burn your buns.

Need a chocolate fix? Try a Charleston Chew for about calories and long-lasting chew-time.

Need a caramel-chocolate fix? Try a Cow's Tail stick for about calories. 

Extra diet bonus: it's filled with a thin line of white yum-yum that tastes a bit like powdered sugar.

When in a fix for a sweetener, powdered sugar works nicely as a replacement for granulated table sugar or calorie-free sweeteners. Use as you would sugar, in the same amounts as when dieting.

Tips to Assist Looking Thinner Amid the Weight Loss Process

Belts, particularly wide white belts, may add pounds to your frame.

If you can't button, fasten, or zip your garment, go up one size. Girding up a garment will only serve to create bulges.

Avoid clinging fabrics and velvet. They tend to add pounds.

Slimming Swimsuit Tip: Buy a size larger than you normally wear; this will help prevent tugging as well as create a more slender image.

Fashion/Feel Good Tip to add to your Weight Loss Plan: An oily complexion can really be a bother. Your makeup is hard to apply, you always feel greasy, and oil is bothersome when zits are on the rise.

However, take some comfort in knowing that individuals who have oily skin usually retain their youthful appearance later in life. I'd be willing to bet that Dick Clark had extra oily skin. Try not to 'strip' all the oil off you face because as bothersome as it is, oil works in moisturizing.

When dieting, you'll want to pay special attention to your nails, teeth, skin and hair. Dieting may drain your Beauty Reservoirs. Hydrate, exfoliate, brush, floss and cram on the cream. You too, guys!

You weigh just a little less when the moon is directly overhead. How much less? The difference is so tiny that it may not be visible on the weight scales.


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