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Lose Weight Quickly AND Safely Tips

There are three basic elements of dieting. They are:

Diet Element #1. Diet Motivation

Diet Element #2. A safe, effective, healthy diet plan.

Diet Element #3. A moderate activity plan.

If a dieter is missing moderate activity, yet is motivated to lose weight by watching what they eat, then yes, they will achieve Diet Success. However, activity boosts health and can promote a longer life - so it's an imperative part of life itself.

Without a healthy diet, all the motivation and moderate activity in the world just won't cut the mustard.

An individual can ingest more calories in a day than they can ditch in weight loss results for that same day.

There's just no humanly way possible to work off 5 banana splits - which I imagine that even I could manage if pressed. And I probably wouldn't have to be pressed too hard.

Quick Weight Loss Not Always True Fat Loss

What to expect at the beginning of a diet. At the beginning of a diet, the dieter will do one of three things:

1. Lose weight. Unfortunately, the quicker that one loses, the higher the risk that it's water and muscle rather than true fat loss. While it may be desirable to lose weight quickly, slow rates of true fat loss should be the main goal of all dieters.

2. Stay at the same weight. At times, individuals will have difficulty losing any amount of weight at the beginning of their plan. This is likely due to a most-recent binge. Most people binge heavily before going onto a weight loss plan and when they do not see instant results, they wonder why. Fact is, the body requires time to process both weight loss AND weight gain.

3. Gain some pounds. The most unfortunate of the three - putting on pounds rather than losing them. This-too can be related to a recent binge before the diet began. The more aggressive the bingeing, the more pounds that will accumulate. Therefore, this situation is most-likely related to a heavy, heavy binge before the diet started.

Generally, weight loss on the first week of a diet plan may be minimal or great (5 pounds or more). A 'great' weight loss generally occurs in those dieters who have a lot of weight to lose (generally 75 pounds or more).

Why should a dieter stick to losing two pounds per week? It's a very safe weight loss level and allows the body to adjust slowly to the weight changes. When dieting, the body is continually readjusting to meet the needs of the 'new you'.

The best thing is that a 2 pound per week weight loss generally assures the dieter that the weight will STAY off.

How to Appear Thinner While Losing Excess Pounds

Clothing is one's camouflage! A badly fitted garment or an unflattering style of garment can add 10 pounds OR more to one's shape. 

On the other hand, a garment that flatters can take away that 10 pounds OR more.

Slimming Swimsuit Tip: Try to remember, it's important to be you and to have fun rather than focusing on how 'fat' or how 'thin' you look in a swimming outfit.  

When other people reflect on the moment, it's best to be remembered as the lady or guy who was fun, exciting and sexy rather than the lady or guy who was always embarrassed in a swimsuit.

Slimming Swimsuit Tip: Halter tops accentuate breast size. Hubba-hubba! To conceal upper leg areas, check out the sexy 'flared skirt' swimsuits.

Avoid loud prints, including large printed fabrics. Solids work best - and remember to go 'dark'. Dark colors create an aura of thinness and a slimmer you no matter what size you currently might be. Stay away from light colors if at all possible.

White pantyhose create a larger appearance of the legs - including the calves and kneecaps.

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