Reduce Body Fat Tips

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Fat Reducing Tips

Oatmeal for Reducing Cholesterol, Unhealthy Fats

Eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and you may just improve your cholesterol levels.   Studies indicate that a bowl of the Quakerman cereal a day keeps bad cholesterol at bay.

Cholesterol in Egg Whites

Egg whites contain zero cholesterol.  Egg whites are also ultra low in calories - a scant 17 calories. When scrambling up that next egg or omelet, create our Good Egg recipe: 1 egg plus 1 egg white rather than 2 whole eggs in any recipe calling for two eggs.

Rise and shine! One regular sized biscuit topped with light jam will make rising easier and goes wonderfully well with a side of scrambled eggs.

Mash 1/2 a ripened pear add a bit of no calorie sweetener and a dash of cinnamon. Add a shot of vanilla and a teaspoon of raisins if desired. For about 50 calories - you've got a delicious diet spread.

Healthy 100% Vegetable Juices to Fight Belly Fat

Dieting Tips

Liquid diets rarely render long-lasting weight loss results. In addition, they are very hard on the body.

Although liquid dieting may render quick weight loss but once food is resumed, lost weight is generally quickly regained.

The body also runs the risk of losing muscle rather than fat through strict liquid dieting.

How often should you weigh?  As often as you like!  

BUT, be sure to weigh the same time during the day when making comparisons with your last weigh-in.  You'll weigh much more after you've been up a few hours due to fluid and food intake.

Food Pyramid Tips for Losing Excess Body Fat

Food Pyramid Weight Loss Tip: Use fats, oils and sweets sparingly. Keep in mind that some fat is necessary in the diet for total nutrition. Although we use a lot of butter substitute in our recipes - a pat or two of butter a day can be a healthy addition to the daily diet.

Weight loss and weight maintenance is simply a balance of all good foods.

Read labels carefully as manufacturers may interpret 'serving sizes' much differently than the official Food Pyramid.  

One large slice of bread may equal one serving per package recommendations, but when compared to the Pyramid, the serving size may translate to 3-4 times the recommended level.

Fast Food & Restaurant Tips to Slash Fat

When dining Mexican, concentrate on the salsa rather than the chips. See how much salsa you can top the chip with and leave room for the real meal.

Choose the taco with the corn shell rather than the floured one.

Corn shells generally contain about 40 to 50 calories each with their flour counterparts containing more than double the calories.

When dining out, tell the waiter that arrives with that bread basket or chip basket to, "Return to sender!"

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