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Tips That Slash Body Fat by Slashing Lipids in Foods & Drinks

Rather than high calorie frosting, try topping a round baked layer with a bit of topping and fresh fruit.

Chocolate cake is simply delicious and beautiful when topped with a bit of chocolate Cool Whip then giant inverted strawberries which had been de-stemmed and leveled on the bottom.

Fast Food Diet Tip: Choose frozen low fat yogurt over regular ice cream. Skinny dairy - skinny body. 

We've all heard something to the effect of "if you give up one soda per day, in one year you'll lose X amount of weight". This is a one-food-focus futile approach to losing body fat.

Don't focus too much on this branch of Diet Hooey. This method of weight loss never works OR should I say that in my experience, I've never known anyone who has experienced weight loss in this manner.  

The body is very adaptive and if we've tuned it a certain way for a good number of days, it will find a way to make up those 'saved' calories.

Slashing Calories Tips

Fast Food Tip: Supersizing meals supersizes the body. The more we poke into our tummies, the more difficult it is to get that full-feeling.   In short: Our bodies require more and more food in order to achieve that 'I'm feeling full' feeling.

A salad mix of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers can be enhanced by adding your favorite fruit and a few chopped nuts.

Chopped apple with walnuts turn dull to deliciously fun. Add a bit of roasted chicken and you won't even feel like you are on a diet.

Color-coordinate your diet plate. Example: beets, wax beans, broccoli, corn, grilled fish, brown bread. A prettier presentation equates to a more delightful dining experience.

Dieting Tips When Eating Chinese Foods

Although a dieter my become hungry an hour after eating Chinese food, that doesn't mean that it's not oozing with fat and calories. Frying and saucing up foods that started out as healthy can tack on calories ultra fast.

Avoid the fried entrees, and Chan's fried rice. However, Chan may be quite a catch himself!  However, DO enjoy a fortune cookie or two.  Most contain a scant 25 calories per cookie and make a nice treat for dieters when the sweet tooth throbs within.

Mexican Food & Weight Loss

When dining Mexican, load your chip with as much salsa as possible. Salsa is generally very calorie and diet friendly. It's the chips that contain fat and a lot of empty calories - most of those, empty calories.

You can have 2 corn tortillas for about 80 - 100 calories rather than 1 small flour tortilla. A small flour tortilla contains about 110 calories. 

For a buttery no-calorie taste, spray the corn tortillas with no calorie butter spray, then pop into the microwave until hot.  Roll before heating if desired.

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