Overweight Health Problems

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Feelings of Failure & Frustration Over Weight

Depressed about your weight? Life's far too short to be depressed! Switch to healthier foods, walk a few minutes per day, and you will see a difference.

If you are still embedded in depressive feelings after weight loss ensues, you may have a true form of depression which is generally easily treatable so see your doctor without delay.

Get a hug at LEAST once every day. When someone hugs you, feel the stress rolling off your body. Getting in tune with your body is important for weight loss success.

If you have a desire to make a clean sweep on life and have several goals that you'd like to achieve, tackle one at a time.

Life in itself can be overwhelming, at best.

As long as you keep your vision in sight and remain resolute, nothing is impossible!

Putting Too Much Weight on the Body Frame is Like Putting a Steel Roof on a Grass Hut. The Body's Skeletal Frame was Built to Hold X-Amount of Pounds....

Declined in bone health and an increase in joint and muscle aches are a common side effect of being overweight. Think about this.... A contractor builds a house. He begins with the foundation and then he adds the walls. Last, he puts the roof on top. As he was constructing the walls of the house, he made certain that they were strong enough to support the roof. He may have used bracing or extra nails in some areas. He may have even used a beam where he planned to have a tall ceiling so that the beam could carry the weight of the roof.

He may have used tile or asphalt singles on the roof - or wooden ones. But what would happen if he decided to pour a concrete roof? The house would cave-in, right? Simply put, one does not put a steel roof on a grass hut.

BUT - that's exactly what many of us have done OR are doing to our body. When it was created, it was intended to hold x-amount of weight. And when an excess is added, the body lets us know that we need to STOP. We need to pull back on the food and drink OR we may end up having to haul ourselves around in a wheelchair for the rest of our lives.

We get knee aches, joint aches and it may be difficult-to-impossible to bend or stoop to pick up things OR even to exercise.

Digestive Issues Related to Overweight

Dieting is a gas - and sometimes, we mean that literally. Beano and  Gas-X are just two very good treatments for gas exposure.

Make your life a gas and not your diet! Seriously, the body suffers greatly when it is overstuffed or overcome with body fat. We bloat, we belch, we feel miserable - all because we ate too much.

Decreased Immunity Issues

The overweight individual can experience a decrease in immunity because while they may look over-nourished, many are actually suffering malnutrition issues. One side effect of malnutrition is decreased immunity. The individual may get sick more often - or have a lower resistance to illness. They may even experience allergic reactions to substances they've never had problems with before.

Parsley & Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergy Relief

Suffering from allergies? Chewing on fresh parsley may help reduce that miserable feeling and may even help clear up an allergic rash. Another cure that I use is Apple Cider Vinegar - about 1 Tablespoon in four ounces of water, three times per day.

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