Overweight Reducing Tips

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Sensible Eating Tips to Overcome Obesity

Avoid eating when in a rush. Meal times should be savored. Eat Slowly.

Say 'Oh Yes!' to soups at meal times. Soups that are broth-based generally make better options over cream-based soups.

However, don't count cream-based soups totally out of your diet. Many contain just a few more calories than broth-based soups. Just one more good reason to check those labels.

Wrap up your diet plan! Regular biscuits contain about 110 calories per biscuit.

Sprinkle a little 'Sugar Dust' onto your desserts. We're talking about powdered sugar where a little goes a long way.

Fast Food Dining Tips to Slash Calories

Going cheeseless on that burger could save an additional 100 calories. Requesting that your server go 'light' when spreading on the Mayo or other special sauce can save 50, 100 or more calories, depending upon the type of sauce used in the burger.

When you're craving a cheeseburger - don't have one ounce of guilt. You can prepare one at home using extra-lead ground beef, low fat cheese and all the vegetable fixings - along with a light or low calorie spread.

But at times, we end up at a fast food restaurant. Maybe it's our only choice. Maybe the crew at work wanted to meet there. Maybe the family had a special event - such as a kid's birthday and want to meet there. Nonetheless, you can still order from the menu and YES - you can even order a cheeseburger. Just not the big boys. You'll want to order from either the value menu OR the kid's menu. That small burger generally contains from 250 to 450 calories.

The negative is that most fast food joints and even popular restaurants don't use the leanest grind of ground beef. The positive is that cheeseburgers - as well as tacos and pizza can contain all five basic food groups. And yes, the tomato is a fruit.

Healthy Snacks to Fight Obesity

1/2 an apple spread with a teaspoon of peanut butter makes a healthy, satisfying snack for about 125 calories.

If you're hit with a craving for something rich and chewy, try a few Milk Duds OR a section or two of a Bit-O-Honey bar OR a Tootsie Roll.  

These chewy sweets take a long while to eat, and won't do too much Diet Damage.

An entire bag of most frozen fruits contains a scant 150 calories for most any fruit that you er...pick. The added Diet Bonus?  It takes a long while to eat and you can add no calorie sweetener if you like your fruit a bit sweeter. Did we mention that fruit is packed with vitamins?

At 10 calories per serving, and only 25 with the light topping, you have just entered Diet Heaven with sugar free gelatin!

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars but DO collect your weight loss, baby!

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