Belly Fat Reducing Recipes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Lose Pounds & the Body's Fat Cells

3,500 calories equals one pound. To lose 1 pound per week, the dieter would need to cut 500 calories per day from their current calorie intake.

Seven days multiplied by 500 calories equals one pound of weight loss.

The size of our fat cells are blueprinted in our youth. Once made, they are there to stay. The size of the fat cells can be reduced - and that's a good thing!

Trimming the Fat Tips

Just because a food touts 'fat free', doesn't mean that it's lower in calories than the regular variety of food.

Request nutrition guides from your favorite restaurant when visiting. These will help you plan out future dining experiences so that you'll know which selections from the menu are lowest in fat and calories - as well as in other negative nutritional values such as sodium.

Burning Belly Fat

Do you burn more calories during cold weather or during warm weather? The answer is amid colder temperatures.

The body uses far more calories to sustain itself and must work harder to generate enough heat to keep your body at a stable temperature.

Take a Break From Dieting

When dieting gets too rough and you feel like you're going to give up all together, take a vacation from your weight loss plan. Be careful not to binge, get plenty of rest, then hit your diet again.

Keep trying and be careful not to enter into the Land of YoYo Dieting which comes with more possible health risks than 'not dieting' at all.

Meal Time Tips

Just a sprinkle of brown sugar can enhance the flavor of bacon. Prepare your bacon in the microwave to zap excess fat and to reduce calories. That strip can contain as few as 25 calories after hitting the microwave.

Crab legs contain very little calories and take a long while to eat. Dip meat in warmed, no calorie butter.

If you like crunchy, golden bread - spray either non stick buttery cooking spray OR no calorie butter spray onto a slice of wheatberry bread. 

Place on warm skillet on LOW heat and allow bread to slowly turn to a golden brown.  Add 1 slice of skim-milk based cheese, lean meat, lettuce and tomato.  Delicious!

Cut your sandwich in two, then cut again to create 4 wedges.  It will take longer to eat and will lend a 'bigger serving size' impression.

Use a cookie cutter to create fun diet foods - such as bunny-watermelon slices or star-bread. Make your diet as fun as possible and you'll be more apt to remain on it until you reach your weight loss goal.

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