Easy Belly Fat Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Added Fat to Foods Adds Potential Pounds

Salt pork adds fat and calories to beans. A healthier substitute is a strip or two of lean bacon. You'll get that same smoky flavor without adding a lesser wad of fat.

You can remove the bacon before serving.

Cutting Sodium to Erase Water Retention Issues

Too much salt in the pot? You sure don't want that! Salt promotes water retention. Try adding a slice of raw potato to the pot which will absorb a good bit of the salt.

If you're expecting to experience an ultra busy day at work - or on the home front, cozy up to a hot, home-cooked, healthy meal of soup or stew prepared in your slow cooker. Based on the above tip, be sure your recipe is low in sodium.

Preparing meals in advance can really pay off in a big weigh on the weight scales.

Sweet Tooth? Reach for Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have a very low glycemic index which basically means that it takes a while for the food to be processed internally. You'll feel fuller, longer. Keep in mind that dried fruits are higher in calories than their natural peers, so enjoy a serving and be done.

Snacking Tips to Rid Belly Fat

A few suggestions for dieters when snack-time strikes. How to turn higher calorie snack into lower calorie snacks - while still enjoying the snack you had in mind. Calories are based on a single serving size and will vary from brand to brand.

Snack Choice

Better Snack Choice

Cupcake - 200 Calories

Angel food Cake - 100 Calories

Apple Pie - 350 Calories

Fresh Apple - 80 Calories

Buttered Popcorn - 50 Calories

Hot Air Popcorn - 23 Calories

Regular Yogurt - 190 Calories

Sugar Free, Fat Free Yogurt - 90 Calories

Don't Go to the Movies OR the Market On an Empty Stomach as Temptation Lurks

Going to the movies and on a diet? Fill up on diet wise foods before you go. It's very hard to resist hot buttered popcorn but if you can opt for a diet soda and gum instead your weight scales will thank you later.  

Not Feeling Up To Exercise? Listen to Your Body Talk

All of us can get too caught up in the Great Outdoors exercising our little buns off.  During Great Outdoor activity, ask yourself how you are feeling.  (It's totally okay to talk to yourself in this type scenario.)  If you are dizzy, cold, trembling, nauseated, or blue - get indoors immediately!  Keep safe to exercise another day.

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