Erase Belly Fat Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy Tips to Assist in Erasing Belly Fat

Eat only when hungry. An oldie - but Diet Goldie!

Just the aroma of food can send your tummy into the Hunger Mode.

Be aware, and plan how to react in advance to certain smells - such as fresh baked bread and hot buttered popcorn.

When eating, don't think about all the food that you are going to eat for the meal at hand.

Think about the single bite you are currently eating and enjoy that. Eating food too quickly may make you feel deprived, even though you may have eaten quite a lot of food.

Don't Lock Favorite Foods From Your Diet Plan

Include some of your favorite foods in your diet plan. Be sure and allow for the calories in your daily total. It's important to reward yourself from time-to-time so you'll stay on track. Remember, it's a balance of quantity and food selection. Being too stringent influences your mental outlook during diet time.

If you want a cupcake, then you CAN have a cupcake; just be sure and adjust your daily food intake accordingly to allow for the extra calories.

Just about all packaged cupcakes and rolls contain approximately 200 calories each. If you're sick of morning oatmeal, then go ahead and have a cupcake.

Easy Exercise to Show How Heavy 5 Pounds Weighs

Lift a five-pound bag of potatoes to see how much weight that will equal off your body. It's actually quite a lot!  And if you are a shorty, losing five pounds can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

Natural Fruits for Belly Fat Loss

Fruits for Weight Loss - One of the best in-between meal snacks you can enjoy is fruit.  Fresh is best, but don't count out canned, dried or frozen.

One Diet Caveat regarding dried fruits:  Dried apricots, cranberries, peaches, raisins and so forth tend to be much higher in calories and sugar content than their fresh counterpart.

Natural Fruits for Belly Fat Loss

Fish is such a low calorie food that it's a dieter's dream. But don't stop with tuna or salmon. Swim the Diet Seas for your next favorite catch of the Diet Day.

Foil proof your diet!   Line your grill grates with foil for easy clean up. Fish cooks wonderfully well locked inside of foil, as does corn on the cob and fresh veggies.

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