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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Juices Make Great Option for Dieters

Replace high calorie beverages with unsweetened juices. Welch's makes a delicious grapefruit juice that contains Splenda rather than sugar. We also love their reduced-calories cranberry juices. Wal-Mart also carries reduced-calorie juices that are of good quality.

Pancake Tips

Add fresh fruit sprinkled with Splenda/Equal to your pancakes and you'll use less syrup.

When enjoying pancakes, rather than make one big pancake, make several tiny silver dollar pancakes.  It may not be more, but it looks like more and more is nice when dieting.

Take them to another healthy level by adding fresh strawberries to the tops.

Sweet & Healthy Fruit Soups

Make sweet fruit soups for summertime by using cooked fruit and a bit of sugar free gelatin to thicken juice of fruit with. Rule of thumb: 1 teaspoon of gelatin per fruit. Gelatin will add strength to your nails. And fruit is just flat good for you!

Practicing Food Safety

Be certain to thoroughly wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating to remove harmful bacteria (and loose sod) because no one likes a sick dieter.

Juices, Fruits Packed in Heavy Syrups

Pass up fruits bathing in heavy syrups, opting instead for those packed in natural juice. Even the light syrup baths may contain too many calories to fit comfortably into your weight loss plan.

Juice is very pricey in calories and when dieting, the fresh-fruit version is best.

When you do drink juice, make sure that it's 100% juice; if not, you're paying for flavored water.

Hide From Fried Fruit Pies

A fried pie may contain more fat and calories than an unfried slice of pie. Always check the calorie content on the label. If the pie is homemade, add up the calories in the recipe ingredients and divide by the number of slices in the pie.

Sensible Toppings That Delight for Tiny Amounts of Calories

Tiny toppings can add spark to your weight loss plan. Some of the possibilities: a cherry, chocolate shavings, a tiny sprinkling of chopped nuts, a bit of dry oatmeal mixed with a spoon of brown sugar, a strawberry, a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss.

Citrus Fruits, Immunity Boosters Which Fight Belly Fat

There is ONE zero calorie ingestible good-for-you and that's WATER. Add a twist of lime, lemon, orange or even grapefruit to spike up the flavor.

Fruits Replace Sugar & Lower Recipe Calories

Replace the sugar in your recipes with fruits. Fruits come in all shapes, sizes, textures and their values are enhanced by methods of versatile preparation.

Frozen, canned, dried or fresh - fruit will add moistness, flavor and freshness to your diet recipes without adding fat and unwanted calories.

The weight loss process in itself can be stressful and down-right miserable - but when weight loss is achieved, all those miserable experiences transform into great things.  Keep motivated - never give up!

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