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Healthy 100% Vegetable Juices to Fight Belly Fat

Watch those beverage calories. Sometimes, simply cutting out the beverage calories is enough to accomplish weight loss success. A particularly high-in-calorie common daily beverage is iced tea. If you are a sweet tea lover, then sweeten lightly or sweeten with Splenda or another no calorie sweetener.

A healthier option? Vegetable juice blends. They are minimal in caloric and fatty acid values and yes, taste great.

Fried Foods, a Common Culprit Responsible for Belly Fat Issues

Resist Fried Foods for Weight Loss - Hide from fried!  Fried foods are extremely fatty, as one would imagine, and they do some very bad things to the old ticker.  

Instead of fried, enjoy vegetables steamed, and meats, roasted, baked, broiled or grilled.

Slow down and chew your veggies well. Chewing will help satisfy your chewing urge, as well as allow you to enjoy your food. Thorough chewing also makes the food easier for the body to digest.

Vegetarian Diets Good Example of Healthy Eating

The Vegetarian way of life includes protein-rich foods to meet the daily minimum requirements of specific nutrients that your body requires to properly function which may include nuts, including peanut butter, eggs, soy, tofu, total veggie burgers, seeds, beans and lentils.

Substituting healthy vegetarian style chili for meat-based chili makes a healthier diet option. Vegetarian chili is generally rich in beans, a source of natural protein.

When shopping at the market, always look at the first ingredient. If it's a filler, pass it up. Breads should contain wheat flour, canned goods should contain that particular vegetable as the first ingredient and so forth.

Vegetable Tips for Fighting Belly Fat

Serving Size for Vegetables - Serving size weight loss tip: One serving of most vegetables is 1 cup. Strive to pinpoint the vegetables that are higher in calories. Some include: corn, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams.

Spinach - Healthy Choice for Dieters - Popeye's Choice!   Spinach is high in vitamins A and C and contains a good bit of iron.

Frozen spinach works well in quiches and fresh spinach compliments mandarin orange sections when tossed together in a salad.  

Take note that spinach is high in purines and should be avoided by those experiencing kidney disorders as well as those with gout.

Keep a supply of fresh veggies on hand for snack-attacks. Fat free yogurt makes an excellent dip, as does low fat cottage cheese. And don't obliterate cheese completely from your diet menu.  

Some brands and versions of nacho cheese sauce contain about 50 calories per serving and make a nice treat for vegetable dippers.

Keep in mind that the closer your snack is to Mother Nature, the more healthy it will be!

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