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Easy Exercises With Healthy Benefits to Fight Belly Fat

Stretching Relieves Tension & Stress

Exercise that can be performed most anywhere: stretching. Stretching relieves tension and stress, and improves body function.

While sitting, stretch legs, flexing heels while bringing toes upwards, towards your leg.

Moderate exercise enhances mental alertness.  

Another plus to exercise is of course, weight loss. Don't like exercise?  Try walking or hiking or even shopping or shooting hoops. The more you move, the more you want to move.

Grab a set of dumbbells, a set of ankle weights, an exercise mat and a strength training video - or strength training book which may even be available at your local library.

This easy form of exercise will not only build muscles and promote weight loss by boosting the metabolism, it will also prevent bone loss, enhance balance, increase energy level and improve posture. Impressive!

Support & Motivating Factors to Assist in Ridding Belly Fat

See if your partner will exercise with you. Consider joining a gym, or a hiking club. Couples usually experience getter weight loss results than solo dieters. Support is of course, a big key to weight loss success.

If you're active in a Church group, see if others would like to meet as a support group for a healthier lease on life. Gaining the support of friends and family offers opportunity for sharing tips, recipes and weight loss information.

Promise yourself something nice for each 10 pounds of weight loss - such as a pretty dress or a guy gadget. Hum, maybe a pretty dress?

Exercise Balls, Fun to Use

Bounce a big ball! Balls are a cheap mode to get in a little activity while having fun. Try out the oversized balls that are about the size of a beach ball. They are usually really light and the lighter the ball is, the higher it will bounce.

Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Exercise releases hormones that can make a body feel really good - just like winning the mega lotto pot. These good feelings are the result of endorphins which are released by the brain. Endorphins are powerful and can do everything from relieve pain and stress to perk up your mood. Bring on exercise! Bring on the endorphins!

Drown out stress by adding a healthy dose of activity to your day. Stress is a major contributor to weight gain as well as poor health. Leave stress at work; leave stress at home when going to work.

Exercise is just one way of fighting stress, as is relaxing. It's all a balancing act when it comes to controlling stress.

Moderate exercise brings about all sorts of healthy benefits and can assist in weight loss. However, standing ovations vary from dieter to dieter.


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