Belly Fat Burning Foods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Foods Which Fight Belly Fat

Caffeine in Coffee Can Speed Up the Metabolic Rate

Coffee can be a diet friendly beverage if powdered creamer and no calorie sugar is used, but sometimes the brew is too bitter.

Add a couple of grains of salt to remove the bitter.

Citrus Fruits Immunity Booster

Fresh lemon squeezed on cooked fish enhances the flavor of the fish. Try a squirt of lime or orange for a different diet-wise taste.

Natural Super Fruits for Combating Hunger & Belly Fat

Freeze 1 cup of grapes for a long-lasting healthy treat. About 50 calories.  To freeze, wash fresh grapes, then place on a sheet of waxed paper and set into the freezer to harden.  Dip in a bit of Splenda to add a bit of 'special' to your frozen treat or powdered sugar.

Going Light on Sugary Foods Can Lead to Belly Fat Loss

Lite Syrup for Weight Loss

When eating pancakes, use lite maple syrup that has been warmed. 

Log Cabin makes a very tasty light maple syrup.  Save even more calories by passing over the butter and opting for the no-calorie, refrigerated butter sprays.  It only takes a few shots to get to, "Oh yeah!"

Syrup is one of the highest calorie food additives around with some syrups weighing in at 230 calories per 1/4 cup. Keep in mind that 1/4 cup equals about 2 Tablespoons.....not much syrup for so many calories.

Breakfast Foods Hold Satiety Power

Enjoy breakfast foods for either lunch or dinner. Many foods that are considered breakfast foods are packed with great taste, vitamins - and they are simply unique! And foods like eggs have long-lasting satiety power so that you can resist the urge to eat before bedtime.

Prepare an egg 'fried' sunny side up in buttery flavored, no calorie, non stick spray. What a beauty! Add a couple of slices of microwaved bacon, a slice of wheat toast and oh my, are we still dieting, or what? Oh yes, we are!

Restaurants & Healthy Food Claims Often Misleading to Consumers

Be mindful of 'healthy foods' pitched by fast food establishments.

Although the base of the entree may be built with healthy, natural ingredients, a few croutons here and a few packs of ranch dressing there and oh no....a whole bunch of bacon there....on your thighs.

Request light dressing, avoid croutons, crackers and clowns.

Milk, Benefits Associated With Weight Loss

Serving Size for Milk

One serving of milk equals one eight ounce glass. Individuals who make milk part of their daily diet tend to be at a healthier weight than those who avoid milk. They also tend to have stronger bones and less dental issues.

As an experiment, go grab a glass that you usually enjoy milk in. Fill it with water as you would milk. Now, pour the water into a measuring cup - a 1-cup measuring cup. This will be the correct serving size.

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