Fight Belly Fat Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Resist Forced Eating to Fight Belly Fat

Don't feel obligated to eat and eat and eat - just to make someone else happy - whether it's at a company function or a holiday meal.

Know & Recognize the High Calorie, Fatty Foods

Respect the 'most forbidden goodies' for they are high in calories. Examples: most pies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cookies and pizzas.

This doesn't mean that forbidden goodies can't be enjoyed with dieting.  Keep in mind that it's all about moderation.

Trimming Sugar Tips to Fight Belly Fat

Each packet of no calorie sweetener is as sweet as 2 teaspoons of sugar, thus saving about 40 calories per serving.

If you're a Sugar Ant like me, you're probably saving about 120 calories per serving.

Animal crackers make a tasty diet option in those times when only a cookie will do.  Can I have the giraffe one please?

Presentation of Meal Plate Matters

Don't forget about all those little tidbits that add dynamite to dull meals.

A few cherry peppers, a slice of pickles, a few olives, a couple of pickled beets and a few spears of pickled okra are just a few special things that you can add to your meals while adding minimal calories.

Trimming Fats in Comfort Foods

A prepackaged devil's food cake mix with prepackaged frosting contains about 450 calories per 1/12 of the cake.

Angel food contains about 1/3 the calories. Fly high with the angel when dieting!

Rip calories in homemade brownies by almost 1/2 by substituting the following: skim milk for whole, 2 egg whites and 1 yolk for 2 eggs, applesauce for shortening.

Get fresh with your diet plan! Incorporate fresh fruit, fresh veggies and fresh nuts and seeds. Processed foods slow down the process of your diet plan.

Healthy air-popped corn with no calorie butter spray is one the Top Ten Best Diet Snacks in our Diet Books.

Ultra low in calories, high in fiber - and guaranteed to make your taste buds go from dull to A-I-P in split second!  

Less than 25 calories per cup - WHAT A DIET DEAL!

Over filling the tummy can make one feel tired and sluggish. Over filling the tummy also stretches it so that it takes more food to feel full.

Avoid Binge

If you have a bad Diet Day and go on a binge, you're going to feel very bad afterwards. You may feel so bad that you want to stop your diet. DON'T!!  Plan to start anew 'tomorrow'.

Take heed NOT to continue the binge until the sun rises the following morning. It may appear that you've done all the Diet Damage that you can do - but that's not so. Every additional calorie that you pack inside of you pops up on the outside of you if you exceed your daily calorie limit.

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