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How to Determine Your Accurate Weight

Weigh without shoes and clothing. You wouldn't think that clothing would add that much weight to the scales, but many times they do.

Example: In my younger days, I had a pair of clod-hoppers that weighed 7 pounds! When I went to the doctor's office for a routine check-up, the nurse thought I was wacky for insisting that I weigh without my shoes.

I was heavy at the time, and I certainly didn't want to be depressed the rest of the day, because I knew that even without the shoes that the numbers weren't going to be 'skinny'. Not by a long shot!  

Nonetheless, I weighed without the shoes and then (I suppose as penance) Nurse requested that I slip back into the clod-hoppers and re-weigh. She said two words over the instant 7 pound increase, "I see."

Sensible Meal Planning Tips vs Fad Dieting - These Plans Never Works to Produce Permanent Results

Diet 101: Fad diets aren't a proven mode of effective weight loss. Choose a healthy diet plan instead.

When dining out, portions can be quite generous - especially when it involves restaurant dining. We've been taught as a society to be frugal - and when it comes to the foods on our plates, most of us were taught that we need to eat everything residing there. Waste not, want not.

This is just one reason why America has become a super-sized nation, one filled with more people who are over their recommended healthy weight than who are at their healthy weight. We only need to view a movie set in the early 1900's up until about the 1970's to visually see how much larger we have become. Actors and actresses were much slender back then, as was the average American.

Recently I viewed photos from our State Fair that were taken in the 1950's and 60's and was quite taken aback - not only because of the crowd's much-thinner size, but also due to the way they were dressed.

Back then, women wore dresses, gloves, hats, high heels and jewelry to the state fair. Today, they wear baggy sweats, shorts and sneakers. We have migrated into a nation of...slobs it appears.

Even my husband made a comment on his slouchy outfit by saying he was making a fashion statement. He titled his look the, "I Don't Care" look. And hey - I'm guilty too. I enjoy being comfortable, but you know - it really makes a body feel good when we dress nicely. And it makes a body feel even better when we melt off those excess pounds that weigh us down.

Sensible Exercise Tips

A very ancient but still-great, still diet-wise weight loss tip: Take the stairs.

Set a daily goal for exercise. What about walking x-amount of steps or distance per day OR at least every other day? An inexpensive pedometer can assist in tracking either distance or steps. It's an essential tool for dieters.

Adding ankle weights as well as wrist weights to the body amid the walk can enhance results.

Before the invention of golf carts, golfing was one of the healthiest sports around. It still can be!

If you choose to take up this breath-taking sport, concentrate on driving the ball rather than driving the cart.

Partner-Up for Weight Loss Motivation & Support

Find a diet buddy; don't count out an online diet buddy. Changing ideas and emails is a definite diet motivator that can lead to weight loss success. Some of the things to share include: emotions surrounding dieting, favorite diet-wise snacks, favorite exercise tips, and weight loss pitfalls that you've experienced.

An online weight loss buddy works well because you are communicating with someone who is experiencing the same 'life event', and many times, it's much easier to talk to a stranger than someone very close. Of course, exercise Internet Safety.

There are also many Weight Loss Forums where you can pick up dieting ideas, as well as meet a weight loss buddy safely. There is also the added benefit of group support.

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