Starting Your Metabolism For the Calorie Burn

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Eat Breakfast to Start the Metabolic Burn

Individuals that eat breakfast are generally more successful in controlling their weight.

One meal is superior when it comes to revving up your metabolism, and what you feed your Diet Engine can leave it sputtering, or shifting into high gear for hours to come.

Breakfast can even speed up weight loss results. And who doesn't want to go faster, faster when it comes to weight loss?

That first bite of food fires the metabolism to life.

Unless we're five years old or under, we wouldn't even think about putting water in our gas tank - although it would certainly fit. However, we'd soon drown-out our engine.

With this said, the most important meal of the day is breakfast - and we certainly don't want to drown-out our metabolism by making poor dietary choices.

Making Healthy Breakfast Choices

And with big-waisted Quakers, fruity bunnies, charming leprechauns and haunted cereals looming about, it's difficult when it comes to making healthy breakfast choices.

Hint Hint to the Quaker Oats Folks - It's time to trim down the Quaker man! With oats racing into our diets we can expect so many good things such as lower cholesterol levels, a healthy dose of fiber and weight loss. And it's hard to beat the satisfying powers of good old-fashioned oatmeal.  So yeah, it's time to trim down the Quaker man because if he's eating oats - he's trimming down. Unless...well, there are those breakfast cookies he's pitching and a stash too many can wreak havoc on the waistline. Then again, a stash of too much of anything can do the same.

If you don't like breakfast, or if you feel that it makes you want to eat all day once you start eating, try grabbing an apple, a banana, a peach or an orange before heading out to begin your busy day. You'll be starting your metabolism burn the healthy way. Oh - and by the way - if you feel that eating breakfast makes you want to eat all day once you start eating, that's your metabolism shifting into gear. With patience and time, you can master the controls and race over the Weight Loss Success Finish Line. And you're going to look good in that racing helmet and leather jacket! Hubba-hubba.

Not All Breakfast Foods are Created Equally, Fast Food vs Home Meals

A pancake is a pancake is a pancake, right? Well, not quite. Here are just a few breakfast comparisons that can help you save calories and fat in your daily diet as you start your metabolism burn:



McDonald's Deluxe Breakfast

1 Deluxe Breakfast

1,219 calories
65.29 fat grams

Old-Fashioned French Toast with syrup & butter, plus two pieces of sausage.

This breakfast can break your heart, as well as your diet weighing in at over 1,500 calories.

Although this breakfast is high in calories and fat, McDonald's shouldn't be counted out as they do have menu choices that will fit into almost anyone's diet plan.

Choose this breakfast selection instead:

Either trim-up the recipe by using Diet-Wise ingredients and ditching the sausage, or choose this breakfast selection instead:

McDonald's Hash Browns

136 calories
9.22 fat grams

McDonald's Scrambled Eggs

184 calories
13.57 fat grams

McDonald's Hotcakes, Plain

340 calories
8.70 fat grams
add 1 pack of syrup


1 serving of oatmeal with skim milk, 1 spoon of sugar

1 slice of whole grain toast

1 serving of margarine

1 cup or one small piece of fruit

Oats weigh in at about 150 calories per serving, whole grain bread at about 70 calories and margarine at about 60 calories per serving. Fruit calories vary from fruit to fruit, but for example - a cup of melon weighs about 50 calories.

Totals - About 330 calories and minimal fat - what a Diet Deal!

Tip for Egg Lovers - The Diet Verdict of eggs vs cholesterol is still out and until a conclusion is reached, we recommend sticking to one egg per day and using egg substitute for the remainder of the day whenever you need eggs.

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