Weight Loss Tips to Use at Home

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Cereal Tips

Crushed Cereal for Toppings

Crushed cereal makes a low calorie option as a topping for foods compared to nuts and sugary mixtures.

Both uncooked and parched oats are one of our favorite healthy toppings. Diet Bites says,"Oats gives your heart something healthy to beat about!"

Egg Tip for Dieters

All of the cholesterol in an egg can be found in the yolk. As a rule of Diet Thumb, we recommend using 1 whole egg plus 1 egg white whenever a recipe calls for two whole eggs OR use egg substitute.

Chocolate Chip Cookie OR Fig Bar, Which is the Healthier Choice?

Rather than a chocolate chip cookie, opt for a fig bar which is lower in fat and calories and contains a bit of nutritional value.

Healthy Snacking Tips & Dieting Tips

A single serving of fat free, sugar free yogurt will knock out that sweet tooth. While dieting, you'll want to add those calories to your body that add the most to your diet plan. Planning is all when it comes to calories. They can either make or break a diet.

Better Recipe for Weight Loss - Replace salty, fatty chips with those that are reduced in sodium content which make a better recipe for weight loss.

Cutting sodium in the diet will also decrease water retention - and we all know how much water weighs. 

On average, it may take three days or longer to expel water from the body due to an over-salting intake OR about one day for every pound of water weight to dissipate.

Look for breads topped with oats for additional fiber and a grain that will help fight heart disease. Grain is considered a complex carb - the kind of carb that is best for the body when aiming high for health.

Dinner Meal Ideas for Dieters

Fresh Pre-Packaged Foods for Dieters

Purchase pre-bagged veggies that are either 'baby' or 'sliced' or 'cubed' such as baby carrots, sliced mushrooms and so forth. These finger foods come in handy when the hungries hit.

Simply put, most of us will either pay now in the form of experiencing the weight loss process OR we will pay later in the form of health woes. Grab that torch and get going!

One-dish meals may help establish a sense of Diet-Wise eating. Try substituting 'a one-item meal' every now and then when dieting to see if this strategy works for you.  

Example: 1 omelet, 1 bean burrito, 1 slice of pizza, 1 bowl of soup, 1 sandwich, 1 bowl of cereal and so forth.

The dieter that has a lot of unwanted weight to lose will greatly benefit from the advice of a qualified nutritionist or doctor. Monitoring weeds out risks that may spring up. It also ensures a healthy, steady form of weight loss.

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