Most Diets End With Binge

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Bingeing, the Most Common Reason for Failed Diets

The dieter starts out their fat-reduction plan on a high note. At the beginning of all diets - which aren't associated with 'doctor prescribed types' - generally start in this manner.

The individual is excited - thrilled to get started working on a leaner, healthier body.

They may follow the plan that they have chosen to accomplish their fitness goals for several days, weeks or months. And then slowly they lose their motivation to lose. All of their patience has been exhausted because it just takes too long to lose excess body fat. It sure didn't take long to gain it!

They start to miss their favorite foods which they have excluded from their healthier eating plan. And finally they reach their breaking point and binge. After that, they won't see another diet for months - or even years.

After all, what's the use of continuing at this point? The binge erased the positive steps they'd made in losing pounds, right?

1 Day Diets & Bingeing, Symptoms of Serious Condition

This is speaking from personal experience. If you're an avid reader of Diet Bites you know that I lost over 100 pounds almost two decades ago and counting. At that point in my life - before my successful permanent weight loss adventure, I was going on diets like....every other day or so. Towards the end, these diets would last as little as a few hours before I'd start bingeing again.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I was in dire need of medical assistance. At five-foot even in height and weighing over 200 pounds, I was headed for Disasterville and my love for food was the vehicle that I was riding in. Actually, I wasn't even a passenger - rather the ravenous driver. Thankfully, I was able to avoid disaster and became determined to lose the excess fat. And I did - but I almost killed myself before I accomplished success. And I didn't want the same risks to happen to you - therefore Diet Bites was born.

If my situation sounds familiar and you are unable to personally overcome your love of food and lose the excess pounds, please see your doctor. What you're dealing with is in fact, an eating addiction. You're addicted to food. And people generally look at those of us who are fat as 'pigs' or 'gluttons' rather than someone who is battling an addiction. I've said it before and copy-cats repeat me without giving me credit, that an eating addiction is the worse addiction. With other substances which are addictive, they can be eliminated from one's life. Where eating is involved, if we eradicate it from our life, we die.

Set Weight Loss Goals Wisely, Logically & Make Them Doable

To prevent binge set weight loss goals wisely. Let's take a 5'4" lady as our example. Let's say that she weighs 257 pounds. This is how she might set her weight goals:

1. Her FIRST weight goal will be 250 pounds.
2. Her SECOND weight goal will be 240 pounds.

3. Her THIRD weight goal will be 230 pounds.

4. Her FOURTH weight goal will be 220 pounds - and so forth until her final goal weight is reached.

Setting weight loss in ten pound increments gives the dieter something to aim for in the short term, thus helping them to remain focused on weight loss. It's always good to have a feeling of accomplishment while dieting and when one goes from their 150's to their 140's - it sure feels good - particularly when one goes from their 200's to their 190's.

Healthy Daily Diet Plan to Avoid Binge

Crash dieting just isn't allowed. Choose a healthy method for losing - cutting out unhealthy snacks and beverages - and eating three wholesome meals per day. The body does not live by doughnuts alone. Your plate at meal time should contain lots of colorful vegetables and fruits, a serving of protein such as beans or 3 ounces of roasted meat PLUS a serving of dairy such as milk PLUS 1-2 grain selections.

It's challenging to get in the 6 minimum recommended servings of grains because they tend to be high in caloric values. Most slices of bread contain 60-130 calories. That equals 360-780 calories if we base our grain selections on these values. Other grain selections are certainly comparable in energy values. Flour tortillas contain 80 to over 200 kcals each, depending upon the size and recipes used. Dinner rolls, pita and kangaroo bread - all are comparable in caloric values.

Rice - all varieties, couscous, and whole grain pasta contain about 200 calories per cooked cup - and 1/2 cup is generally considered a serving size, so that's about 100 kcals, just like the bread calories.

Most cereals contain about 100 kcals per recommended serving. Oatmeal is an exception at about 150 kcals per serving.

Luckily, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are low in calories. Vegetables and fruit that are higher than their peers include: winter squash such as butternut and acorn squash, all varieties of potatoes including sweet potatoes, corn, peas, beans excepting string and wax beans, bananas, apples, pears, mangos, pineapple and papaya. Even so, most of these foods contain about 100 calories per cup.

Getting Support to Lose Weight

Many times, concentrating on enhancing the lives of the people we love and care about helps get our minds off of dieting.

The Friend Factor - Grab your friend and strike out together to your favorite restaurant. Have fun picking and choosing the healthier items from the menu.

The Partner Factor - Zing-up one of your partner's favorite recipes by skinnyizing it. Don't forget the pretty garnishes - parsley, fresh fruit and herbs - and of course your 'kiss the cook' apron..

The Parent Factor The positive roll you can play in your child's diet, health and fitness. What a responsibility. What an opportunity.

In Conclusion

I've heard people who have lost weight say, "If I did it, so can you!" and that's a bit insensitive. I say this because I attempted to lose excess weight for about 20 years before I was successful. I had something on that last diet that I didn't have before. It was a motivating factor. I never lost sight of that. And I knew at the beginning of my diet that I was going to be successful, that I had to give my body time to reduce because 'inside my brain' I knew that I would be at my recommended weight. My body just required time to get there - to meet-up with my brain.

If you are having issues with losing weight, I hope that the articles at Diet Bites can assist you in your journey. I'm one of the very few individuals online who has been significantly obese - and who has achieved permanent success. I know what I'm talking about - I've been in your shoes. And I'll keep writing to support you, hoping for your success!

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