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Cooking Methods That Zap Fat

'Oven' fry your foods. Coat meat or veggies using egg whites rather than the whole egg before rolling in the coating. Lay on a non-stick cookie sheet sprayed with no-calorie cooking spray and you're ready to 'bake'.

By eliminating the yolk of the egg, you'll be slashing cholesterol values. By using the oven method rather than using oil for frying, you'll be trimming away a plethora of lipids.

An oven-roasted drumstick contains about two-thirds less calories and fat grams in comparison to one fried and battered drumstick. Therefore, you can trim those negative nutritional values further still by eliminating the batter when using an oven-roasting method.

Flour is high in calories - about 400 per cup. Look for food-coating alternatives, such as cornflakes or crushed baked potato chips which make a healthier coating for foods.

Trans Fats, Transporting the Human Body to 'Heart Attack Express'

Avoid foods that contain Trans fats. Trans fats are a major contributor to heart disease and other health woes.

One of the hot-spots for finding foods and beverages which are mined with these unhealthy fats is easy; just look towards your local fast food chain or restaurant.

And while avoiding the Trans variety, monitor your daily intake of the saturated variety.

Trimming Calories, Fat Grams With Leaner Meats, Cutting Cream & Switching Animal Proteins for Vegetable Proteins

When shopping, choose the smaller cuts of meat or divide into smaller pieces before freezing or serving.

Poultry Weight Loss Tip: Remove skin from chicken and poultry.

Meat Weight Loss Tip: Trim all visible fat from beef, lamb and pork before cooking.

Use skinny bouillon rather than fatty cream-based ingredients as stock for your recipes.

Nuts can take the place of protein in your diet - so peanut butter gets a big thumb's up for nutritional value. 'Natural' peanut butter is best for the body's digestive system, but let's not overlook the true nuts such as nut butters created with 'true' nuts, like almonds and cashews.

The peanut is actually a legume; the edible part of the plant grows beneath the ground.

Become a seed-eater. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds take a long time to crack and eat, and even though a bit pricey in calories, they can be an important part of a healthy diet plan. Because they take so long to eat, the dieter gets a good amount of chewing gratification.  

Opt for non-salted versions when possible.

Sensible Dieting

Green is lean. Lettuce, cabbage, honeydew melon, parsley, varieties of squash, onions - oh my, what a big pantry that Mother Nature harbors!

Fill in your meals with low calorie foods.  Example: enjoy steak and potato and prepare plenty of salad.  OR, enjoy a slice of meatloaf and plenty of cabbage. OR onions and mushrooms.

Light & Lean Product Tips

Wanting to try a new 'light and lean' product that has just hit the marketplace, but don't want to spend the big bucks just to find out if it's tasty or not? Check your Sunday newspaper for introductory coupons - as well as coupons that will help you save on other diet-wise foods.

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