Weight Loss Tips for Exercise

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ankle, Arm & Weight Belts Enhance Fitness Results

Ankle weights strengthen leg muscles and aid in weight loss. Ankle weights are also very inexpensive. When walking, strap them on for impressive results.  

Small weights have also shown in studies to improve health, balance and performance in the elderly.  

Lifting weight strengthens muscles, thus strengthens bones. Strong bones are less fragile, and less likely to experience a break.

Potassium to Combat Leg & Calve Aches

Bananas For Potassium

One banana will help fill your body's subscription for daily potassium. Leg aches can often be associated with a lack of potassium in the body - but the new dieter may assume that the aches are the result of exertion. 

One medium banana contains about 105 calories.

Results Such as Body Toning & Weight Loss Require Time

Take dieting one day at a time! As each day goes by, the weight loss SLOWLY adds up. The body requires time to slim down - so you have to be patient.

Getting Doctor's Advice on Endurance

Before going on any diet, it's a good idea to visit your doctor. Many times, weight gain can be attributed to specific diseases - such as diabetes or thyroid which are just two examples of health disorders that attribute to weight gain.

While you're there your doctor can assist in determining how long you should exercise each day, safely.

But....we have a rather odd but accurate footnote:

A doctor knows more than the average individual when it comes to obesity, yet close to half of American doctors are fighting the Battle of the Bulge. 'Do as I say and not as I do.'

Skip the Energy Bars to Avoid High Calories Amid Exercise

Energy Bars, High in Calories

Beware of energy bars while dieting. If an energy bar is part of the exercise ritual, the dieter may be eating more calories than they have just burned off. Some energy bars contain more calories than an ooey gooey candy bar.

Getting Your Pet Healthy

Walking your pet every day delivers a healthier pet and a healthier you. Wolf!

However, don't make the mistake of purchasing a pet to force you to walk. That's rather cruel for the pet should you grow tired of this particular activity. Instead, use your beloved mother-in-law to accompany you on your walks. If you grow tired of walking every day, nothing is lost when your pal is....discarded by the wayside.....

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