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Raw & Natural Foods for Ridding Belly Fat

Weight loss and healthy dieting is about much more than a bowl of fruit and a plate of raw veggies. 

Natural foods are best for the body, but dieters often become bored with foods from nature - and when that happens, it's time to get wild with Mother Nature.

Think of ways to liven up basic foods from Mother Nature in a non-threatening diet manner.

Examples: yogurt as a fruit dip, 'frying' foods in non stick cooking spray, a smear of peanut butter on a slice of apple. Or, using whipped foods over regular versions such as whipped peanut butter. Or substituting red meats with tasty beans and a side of whole grain cornbread. Now we're talking!

Tips for Combating Fat Cell Storage

Overweight individuals take a double hit in the 'fat cell climax' because not only do they have more fat cells, their fat cells are about 1/3 bigger than in people with healthy weights.

Allow Your Stomach to Register Food Intake

Allow your food to meet your tummy, and then your brain. It takes about 20 minutes before your tummy signals your brain that you are full.

Many times, drinking a glass of water before meal time helps speed up the signal so that you'll quit eating before you become overstuffed.

Before enjoying your favorite goody while dieting,decide if you'll be able to have one serving. Be certain that you won't go nuts. Be certain that the goody won't ignite a frenzied binge. Be sure that the goody won't demolish your weight loss plan.

And remember to count the calories in the goody and add to your daily calorie total.

Getting Your Family Involved

Dieting can be a very great way to not only get yourself in a healthier state, but your family's health as well - particularly if you're the chief cook and bottle washer.  

As an added bonus, you may find a huge pool of support from your family - and diet support equals success.

Trimming Back on Sugar & Cooking Fats Trims Body Fat

Use powdered coffee creamers rather than real cream to save fat and calories. To save even more calories, drink coffee black and tea, unsweetened.

Cream and sugar really add up in the Calorie Arena with sugar weighing in at 800 per cup and cream not far behind.

Add a few drops of vanilla or rum extract to your coffee for a burst of 'oh diet yeah!'

When baking, most fat-free products work very well and odds are, you won't be able to tell the difference - except when you hop on your scales.  

Look for varieties of sweet pickles that have been sweetened with Splenda and contain negligible calories. If you are on a sodium restricted diet, take care to avoid pickles as they are packed with salt.  

Healthy Mix for Weight Loss

Soup & Salad, quite a healthy mix!

Enjoy a small bowl of soup or a small side salad with your meal. Both are filling and both contain minimal calories - generally about 100 calories for a cup of soup and about 50 calories for a basic lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber salad.  

Calories are increased in soups by adding crackers and creams; salads increase in calories when salad dressing, croutons, cheese and bacon bits are added.

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