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Weight Loss Pictures, Tracking Your Success

Document your weight loss by having your photo made for every 5 or 10 pounds that you lose. You'll be amazed at the results! You'll actually see your weight loss plan in progress.

It's cooler than the wolfman transforming from man to wolf!

Fat Cell Shrinkage

Fat cells shrink but they don't disappear without 'surgical interference' and even in this event, there is no guarantee that they won't return.

Without the combination of diet and exercise, ' they'll be back!'.

Stomach Shrinkage Amid Weight Loss

Keep in mind that it takes the tummy a bit of time to shrink when you go on a diet. Stick with your weight loss plan and before you know it, your tummy won't require nearly as much food as in your pre-diet days.

Squats to Fight Body Fat

The Diet Wishbone: Squats will really do a nice job in trimming up the inner thigh area.

They are also very simple to do. Simply stand with feet flat and comfortably apart, then SLOWLY squat. The slower you go down, the more effective the squat. Squats are great because they can be performed most anywhere - even during bathroom breaks.

Fad Diets to Rid Body Fat, Not a Good OR Healthy Idea

Thinking about a fad diet for weight loss? What about a fad diet for weight loss success?

If you're truly wanting weight loss success over temporary weight loss, then toss the fad diet idea. Frankly, we don't know of one person who has successfully went on a fad diet and kept the weight off.

Keeping Motivated to Keep Losing Excess Body Fat

The dieter experiences several feelings of accomplishment as they work towards their final weight loss goal. By setting realistic goals, you'll get to your weight loss goal before you know it.

It's never too late in life to work on getting healthier. From the youngest to the oldest, we're all living on borrowed time. Go for the gold in you!

Prayer and/or meditation can be big keys in opening the door to Weight Loss Success.

Miscellaneous Fat-Loss Tips

Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt for Weight Loss

Switching from high fat ice cream to non-fat frozen yogurt. One-half cup of non-fat frozen yogurt contains about 100 calories.

Cereal - A Nutty Replacement for Dieters

Grape Nuts cereal works wonderfully as a 'mock nut' without the fatty found in most nuts. Add Grape Nuts to your recipes rather than nuts toss some into a fresh salad or sprinkle a few on top of that fat-free pudding.

Healthy Foods That Reward Weight Loss

Stick to foods that reward you for eating them - such as oatmeal which may improve your cholesterol level OR milk that will strengthen your bones. Skim versions of dairy products will render the same great health benefits of their fattier counterparts - and that's great news for anyone fighting the Battle of the Bulge.

Avoid loud prints and colors which render a 'larger than life' appearance. Dressing smart can produce slenderizing results.

Blot out extra oil in fried foods with paper towels to save calories and fat. A teaspoon of oil contains about 120 empty calories and your diet doesn't need those extra calories weighing it down.

Keep in mind that whatever weighs down your diet, also weighs down your body. Go light, go lean, and stick to your weight loss program.

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