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Weight Gain & Number of Fat Cells

When we gain weight, we gain more fat cells.

The more fat cells we have, the more difficult it is to lose the weight - as well as to maintain our new slimmer shape.

The number of fat cells depends upon the amount we accumulate during our teen years. This is why it's so important for teens to remain trim through adulthood.

As we enter adulthood, the cells remain about the same in number but have an amazing capability to stretch and fill with stored energy when we overeat.

Overweight Individuals Have More Fat Cells

Because of the high number of fat cells that are accumulated in the overweight individual, it will be more difficult to maintain that slimmer shape - but it's certainly doable!

On average, adults who are overweight have about three times more fat cells than their thin peers.

The important thing is to know the facts so you can deal with problem moments when they strike unexpectedly. If you know it's going to be a bit more difficult to maintain your thinner size, you'll know to boost your resisting powers when temptation lurks.

How Big is a Fat Cell?

The size of a typical fat cell in an adult at 'healthy  weight' is about 0.6 micrograms, but they can range from 0.2 micrograms to 0.9 micrograms.

Tips for Revving the Metabolic Rate to Burn Excess Fat

Opt for a smaller dinner than lunch for impressive results on your bathroom scales.

Eating late in the day contributes to weight gain because the metabolism is winding down for the night - preparing to enter idle-mode. It's just too easy to go grab a fatty snack before retiring for the evening. We may think, "I'll worry about my diet tomorrow. Or, I'll start losing weight tomorrow" - yet 'tomorrow' rarely arrives.

After the hasty snack, the individual may stay up half the night due to digestion issues.

Individuals tend to slip into relaxation-mode in the evenings so unless you're planning on setting a dance floor on fire after late evening eating, the energy (food) that was consumed fills the fat cells if you have already met your energy consumption limits for the day.

The Cycle of Weight Gain

Don't make yourself 'pay' for gaining weight. This is how the cycle cycles....

We overeat, we gain weight, we diet and we kick our plumper butts because we've gained weight SO we take on a very strict diet plan. "We'll teach ourselves NOT to ever gain weight again!!!"

Yes, we've gained the weight and payback time is...well, you know. Love yourself and treat your body with respect. You deserve that and you'll have a healthier body when your diet is done.

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