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Chromium Picolinate, Weight Loss Myth

Does chromium picolinate boost weight loss?

Dietary studies indicate no substantial benefits for weight loss and even point to health concerns, particularly to those dieters who are at risk for developing diabetes.

The word 'cancer' has been jousted around and warnings have ensued on the bonny banks of England.

Chromium, Insulin, Pancreas

These three Body Superstars work as a tiny team to ensure that your body is regulated and performing efficiently.

Although conclusive data has not yet been established in the arena of diabetic and heart benefits, it is not known if chromium picolinate is safe or if it is even effective. If you're still not convinced, or caught in the Health Data War, get your Chromium naturally and safely from the following foods: fish, prunes, whole grains, potatoes and nuts.

Dieting Vitamins, Another Weight Loss Myth

If you've strolled down the drug and vitamin section of your local market lately, you've probably seen Diet Vitamins. While dieting, vitamins and minerals are essential elements of good health. However, take note that Diet Vitamins may provide more in the way of nutritional benefits to your weight loss plan, rather than for  'fat burning' purposes.

Metabolism Boosters Myths

Many things come into play when making calculations in the Activity Burn Field, such as chemical makeup and metabolism. Although there are many metabolism perker-uppers on the market these days, the metabolism can only work so fast.

Rather than eek out the body with the nervous jitters, exercise a bit of patience to allow weight loss to progress naturally. Time will work its magic!

Dietary Fiber Myths

Fiber plays an important role in reducing certain cancers. These foods are good sources of fiber for anyone: legumes all beans, sweet potatoes, apples, prunes, dates, carrots, peas, corn, nuts, edible seeds, broccoli, cauliflower, cereal especially oatmeal and raisin bran

However, ingesting vast amounts of fiber through supplements won't rid the body of true pounds. If constipation has been a factor, emptying the intestines can result up to a few pounds lost - but think about this.... We lose 'waste' via the bowels, not fat.

High Protein Diet Myths

Protein is a necessary part of good health. The human body requires 2-3 servings daily which is equal to 3 ounces of meat per serving size OR 1/2 cup of beans OR a serving of nuts OR an egg.

As to protein-rich diet claims, rather than replacing fat with muscle the dieter is more likely to end up in the ER with a serious kidney or heart related issue.

Low Carb Diet Myths

Weight loss is generally significant at the beginning of strict low carbohydrate diets but is quickly regained once the plan is ended. In the event where fat is lost, that is not the case. Therefore, most of the pounds lost through carb-restricted plans consists of water and muscle, not fat.

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