Body's Reaction to Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting Expectations, Bad Breath

Unfortunately, dieting can contribute to Wolf Breath. Therefore, keep a supply of minty discs for those foul diet-breath occasions and be sure to stay away from innocent sheep. Parsley will also sweeten breath, as will chlorophyll tablets which can be purchased at your local health food store.

Unwanted Gas, Digestive Upset

Diet foods tend to be high octane, causing truckloads of unwanted gas.  Rather than injecting your body with all the gas at once, slowly adjust.  

Begin by eating a salad of lettuce and tomato. The following day, add mushrooms and a bit of sliced onion. The next day, some carrots and so forth.

Hair Loss

Restricting fat in your diet plan may cause hair loss. Fat is a healthy part of your diet plan! It's even listed in the official Food Pyramid.

The trick is to limit fat intake - not eradicate it.

Your doctor is your best source for determining your target number of fat grams. Thirty grams per day is a good number to work around.

Old Weight Difficult to Lose, Weight Loss Plateaus

If you've experience a quick rate of gained pounds - such as during the holidays, and you went onto a fat-reducing diet, you may have noticed that at the beginning of the plan those excess, recently-gained pounds seemed to melt off quickly.

The longer that unwanted weight hangs around - the tougher it is to lose. It either packs onto the body - or grows over time.

If while dieting, you experience rapid weight loss at the beginning of your plan and then it appears to have stalled, be patient. You may have hit a Weight Loss Plateau.

This is a phase - a temporary phase that may last for a few days or up to three weeks as the body works to stabilize itself. It requires time for the body to put all of the healthy improvements, including weight loss into balance.

You may experience several Weight Loss Plateaus if you have a significant amount of pounds to lose. Amid my final journey to permanent weight loss success going on two decades ago, I hit several plateaus. Keep in mind that I lost well over 100 pounds of body fat.

However, if your rate of weight loss completely stalls, you may need to reduce caloric intake in order to keep losing. The amount of calories that you are currently consuming may be enough to support your current body weight but too many to support your recommended healthy weight.

Unwanted Gas, Digestive Upset Cured by Losing Weight

This is one of the positive side effects of dieting. Losing weight may cure or vastly improve a multitude of ailments from acid reflux to apnea.

Feeling Frustrated While Dieting

Whenever you start to feel frustrated - think about how you felt when you wanted to start your diet and try to retain that excitement throughout the weight loss process.

Almost every dieter gets frustrated but getting in touch with your original plan will help keep your diet in focus.   This time - go all the 'weigh'!

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