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Sugar Substitute Tips for Weight Loss Results

Use no calorie sweeteners to cut out those empty sugar calories.

We recommend Splenda because a) it holds up well to heat, b) it isn't chemical-based like Equal and Sweet-n-Low and, c) it tastes great with no aftertaste.

Oh, and did we mention that it contains no calories?  

Calories in Granulated Sugar

To demonstrate the Calorie Power of sugar, 1 cup contains 800 calories. That's enough to enjoy two really wonderful, healthy meals.

Natural Sugar vs Substitute Sweeteners

If you prefer natural to artificial, try cutting back on sugar. Rather than adding a heaping Tablespoon of sugar to your morning cup of coffee or tea, try adding half that amount. Once your body adjusts to the change, try adding even less. Where this element is involved in the daily diet, the less you have - the less you'll crave.

I've conducted several personal experiments in this area, using myself as a guinea pig, and this has always proven to be the case. Less equals more in the area of weight loss results when we trim empty calories related to sugar from our daily eating plan.

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Incorporating an abundance of sugary foods in the diet will not cause diabetes. You must have the diabetic gene.

In layman's terms, food is energy; energy is sugar. This is the basis for food conversion once it enters the human body.

Everything we eat is processed by the pancreas, 'our food processor'. In diabetics, the 'food processor' is broken and the body requires medication to help 'boost' the pancreas.

Although obesity is linked to diabetes, there are many individuals who have never seen an 'overweight day' in their life. Remember, diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. Many diabetics are middle-aged and overweight, so there is a definite connection - but being overweight and middle-aged isn't the only Diabetic Indicator. Many times, Type II diabetes can be controlled through diet and moderate exercise.

Empty Calorie Beverages, Treats

Watch non-diet beverages as these calories can really add up. A glass of sweetened tea, a soda and a serving of juice add up quickly to over 500 calories.

If you discover a sweet treat prepared with the sugar substitute that you really like, that's wonderful!  If not, enjoy the goody prepared with processed sugar and limit your total consumption.

But take note that just because a goody doesn't contain processed sugar, doesn't always mean that it's necessarily lower in calories. This is where label reading becomes an invaluable tool for the consumer.

Foods that are prepared with sugar substitutes rather than processed sugar tend to contain about two-third's the calories of those prepared with the real sugar.

Sweet, Low Calorie Recipes

Freeze some melon; blend into a lush slushie; add no calorie sweetener.

Frozen fruits take a while to eat and go well with hot summer weather, as do freezer pops. Freezer pops contain a scant 30-60 calories each, depending upon the name brand, and the secret recipe.

Versions of no-calorie sweeteners on the market these days tend to lose their sweetening powers under heat. An exception is Splenda which can save dieters a plethora of calories that can be spent elsewhere on their daily visit to The Food Pyramid.

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