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Cereals Containing Dyes & Added Sugars

Some breakfast cereals contain more dye than a movie star's hair-do.

Keep in mind that when things are attractive, we just naturally want to eat more (according to many recent hyped-up studies that would do Little Johnny proud).

Nonetheless, although colorless cereals aren't the prettiest, they are best when it comes to nutrition - free of those unnatural nothings.

Some breakfast cereals contain more sugar than your partner's good morning kiss! Partner your healthy weight loss plan with a healthy breakfast, taking care to avoid those cutesy cereals that sugar-coat nutritional values.

Healthiest Cereals

Oatmeal, Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, Fiber One, All Bran, Wheaties, Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice, Farina, Grits, and Grape Nuts are all pretty decent breakfast cereal choices and some may even assist in fighting heart disease.

Cereal Tips for Dieters

For added breakfast nutrition, include a fresh fruit selection to enjoy with your breakfast. Fruit is dandy over candy - and strengthens your food chain to help accelerate weight loss.

Snack on 1 cup of frosted wheat square cereal for a little over 100 calories. It takes a while to eat and contains some nutritional value.

1 serving of oatmeal will leave you satisfied well into your morning when eaten for breakfast. There's just something great about oatmeal.  Filling, fibrous, low in calories, and it will even lower that bad cholesterol. It's not only for Quakers anymore.

To grab maximum nutrition out of your first meal of the day, enjoy your cereal with skim milk, which contains almost 1/2 the calories as whole milk yet still has the same health benefits for your bones and teeth.

Do the Diet Shuffle! Enjoy breakfast foods for dinner. A serving of oatmeal and a piece of wheat toast are very filling and contain a mere 250 calories OR less, depending upon the brand name of the bread.

Morning Juices

The Parent Factor Encourage your child to drink water, a precious and necessary cleansing agent and a much healthier choice over most sugar-loaded juices which are packed with more sugar than juice OR nutrition.  

Juice is slowly being recognized by the health world as a contributing factor to weight gain in small children. It's not only high in sugar - but also in calories, as well as gas. And nobody enjoys a collicy kid.

Quick Breakfast Fruit Popover Recipe

Make fruit popovers by using 1/2 a biscuit (110 calories = 55 calories). Roll flat and fill with your favorite cooked, mashed fruit plus dash of cinnamon and Splenda. Fold over; spray with no calorie butter spray. Sprinkle crust with additional cinnamon and Splenda. Bake until crisp.

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